Tomauri is an accomplished designer, importer and distributor of in-demand electronic lifestyle accessories. was built on the robust Drupal 7 CMS and the UberCart E-Commerce Module. This website is a fully featured online store and inventory management platform for a wholesale business.

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Problem: Retail shelf space is limit. Every wholesaler’s core business problem is to populate those shelves with their products. On the other hand, the retailer’s goal is to maximize profit by utilizing the limited space. Tomauri, a consumer electronics wholesaler, wanted a hook for the retailers to plan and order all the products on a shelf from the Tomauri e-commerce platform.

Solution: Retailers can input their shelf specifications (Height, width, and depth) into the virtual planogram tool and see a virtual version of their wall. They could then populate their shelf with Tomauri products which would show up in the dimensions of their packaging. They could also see the profit they could make from the shelf they have created and order all products on the shelf right from the tool.

Result: Currently the output from the tool accounts for a big portion of the total online sales. Since the launch of the tool, the business volume has been growing consistently.