Every industry comes with features that, if used effectively, can dramatically increase the amount of time one spends on your website. The health industry is no different. Healthcare providers with specific services are in more need of a custom website for reaching their target clients. When the only sweat clinic in North America – that provides medically supervised treatment options for hyperhidrosis – was looking for a custom website, they sought Syncoria’s help. The specialized clinic also wanted to be one of the top-searched clinics in the Greater Toronto Area.

Multiple version of TSC websites



The aesthetically pleasing and tailor-made design of the website made it easier for the clinic to stand out. Both the patients and internal officials were satisfied with the user experience of the website. The clinic also received multiple new clients due to their new SEO position within the first few months of launching the website.

Our Approach

Syncoria designed and developed a WordPress website that comes with a consultation schedule form to allow visitors to make an appointment in real-time, a main page banner design incorporating video to capture a visitor’s attention instantly, and a video gallery that helps better communicate the company’s vision. The responsive nature of the website allows visitors to make an appointment or get the required information from both desktops and mobile devices. Regarding SEO rankings, Syncoria took an open, honest, and authentic strategy to help the client build a massive audience through the newly launched website.