Solutions is a specialized corporate/commercial law clerk service exclusively for lawyers and law firms. Solutions offers the legal profession a wide range of corporate/commercial law clerk services on a cost-effective basis. Some of the work they offer is to incorporate/register your business, corporate law clerk services, corporate commercial searches, and government filings. They are qualified, experienced law clerks who understand the needs and requirements of the legal profession.

solution corporate law portfolio

Problem: When they came to us they were looking for a way to separate themselves from other law clerk companies and create a new website and mobile application that helps them stand out with potential clients.

Solution: Incorporate a custom cost calculator for businesses. Making is easy for them to know how much they will spend in advance, saving them time and money.

Result: Syncoria created a cost calculator that can determine the cost for 10 different services and filings. Being the first one in the industry to do this gave them an upper hand and got them a lot of new business. Along with a brand new website and mobile app so businesses can do these calculations on the go.

Core Features

Syncoria designed and developed the custom website for Solutions Corporate Law. The Website has the following features

  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Online Cost Calculators
  • Online Form Managers
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Google Font API
  • Google Maps