Law clerks are critically crucial to skilled handling of legal and administrative matters. Some firms provide specialized corporate law clerk services to help legal professionals save the overhead expenses of an employee. Due to the steep competition in the market, firms aiming for growth need to stand out among others. An Ontario-based law clerk firm sought Syncoria’s help when it needed a new website and a cost calculator for its growing business.
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Syncoria designed and developed a custom website that showcases the client’s experience and expertise in the field. We used WordPress CMS, Bootstrap Framework, Google Font API, and Google Maps for the website. Syncoria also created a custom cost calculator that can determine the cost for ten different services and filings and an Online Form Manager for potential customers on the website.

Our Approach

Incorporate a custom cost calculator for businesses. Making is easy for them to know how much they will spend in advance, saving them time and money.



The custom calculator made it easy for them to know how much money they will spend in advance, saving them time and money. Being the first one in the industry to do this gave them an upper hand and many new businesses. Along with a brand new website and application, the company was en route to becoming a leader in the industry.

Core Features

Syncoria designed and developed the custom website. The Website has the following features

  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Online Cost Calculators
  • Online Form Managers
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Google Font API
  • Google Maps