If you’ve tried to set up a consumer electronics display in your store, then you know how challenging it can be. You need shelves that are sturdy enough to hold all of the products and that will also fit into the space available. That is where Syncoria comes in. We have an innovative shelving system that makes it easy for retailers like you to create a professional-looking display with ease! Read on for more details about our product and why we think it will help your business grow!


The Challenge:

When a seasoned consumer electronics wholesaler needed assistance with showcasing a higher number of products in a shorter amount of space and maximizing profit, they turned to Syncoria for help. The e-commerce store was created using powerful Drupal 7 CMS technology and UberCart e-commerce module programming language to ensure that it is fully functioning.

The results that we produced:

With the launch of Syncoria’s s new business tool, sales are skyrocketing! The company’s revenue has been steadily increasing ever since, and now they can populate shelves with required products, which are ordered at packaging dimensions – giving 100% accuracy on physical goods while still seeing how much profit they will make from a particular shelf.

The solution that we offered:

We developed a state-of-the-art solution with which retailers can input the shelf specifications into a virtual planogram tool and see an interactive, 3D version of their wall. They could then populate it with required products from within their packaging dimensions, utilizing every inch – seeing how much profit they would make off the shelves.