For retailers, one thing that never changes is the need to entice customers into their store. That’s why we created this blog post which examines how car wash company Eco-Clean went about building an online gift card site in order to get shoppers interested and find more deals for themselves or others!

The Challenge:

A leading North American car wash company wanted to create an online store for gift cards. They needed a management interface too! The company also needed a technology that could be integrated into their POS system on location, so that they can sell gift cards both in-store and over the internet.



The Solution:

Our team developed an innovative Woo-commerce plugin that allows them to design and create gift cards, sell them online and in location. The new system also features automated reports with detailed data about sales. With our solution, customers can now purchase gift cards online and redeem them at the point of sale by simply scanning a barcode!

The results

As a result of implementing the new solution, we have helped increase both company-wide sales and customer satisfaction. In addition to that, our team has played an instrumental role in developing their most popular product: gift cards!