Hospitals and healthcare providers play a crucial role in today’s world. From maintaining patient records to equipment and infrastructure management, a modern-day healthcare institute has a complex array of tasks to provide quality services to patients. However, the same can significantly turn up their expenditure if managed manually.

When a renowned healthcare provider struggled with similar complexities, they chose Odoo to automate their entire working process, and Syncoria was there to help them with Odoo implementation.


Our Approach

Syncoria dug deep into the client’s day-to-day operations to identify bottlenecks in the operational process and develop an integrated system that best suits their needs. We customized and configured Odoo to automate and simplify recordkeeping of patient details, invoice generation, financial statements’ drafts, monitoring staff schedule and performance, and generating/uploading/emailing patient reports.

Here are the Odoo business suite applications we implemented for this client – CRM and Website to help with client interaction and appointment. Employees, Attendance, and Recruitment module to centralize employee information, track employee attendance, and centralize employee information; Contacts module to centralize the entire address book, Discuss to help private chat within the platform, and Surveys to analyze the feedback from patients, doctors, and other stakeholders.

Our system has allowed patients to book appointments online and simplified registering arrangements booked through the call center onto the database. The integrated system also notifies patients and healthcare professionals of the appointments due in a week or month.


The Odoo implementation resulted in a 30% reduction in work pressure and a 70% increase in overall output. The inter-connected applications help them execute tasks and maintain accurate records with utmost efficiency.