Every day, organizations and corporations generate tons of waste. From paper to electronics, there are many items that need to be recycled instead of thrown away in a landfill. Converting this waste into charitable donations is an easy way for companies to help the less fortunate while also saving money on disposal costs.

Syncoria is a company that helps businesses find solutions for converting their corporate waste into charitable donations by implementing Odoo ERP solutions. Read on to learn more about how you can turn your corporate trash into charitable giving today!



The Challenge

The challenge is to find an all-in-one integrated system to improve its operational efficiency. There was no system to track and report on their overall impact until Syncoria stepped in to make a lasting difference.



Our Solution

Syncoria dug deep into the organization’s day-to-day workflow to find operational bottlenecks, critical control points, and positives resulting from their recent success. We configured and customized Odoo Inventory and Sales modules as well as built an integrated system that facilitates their natural workflow. We also designed their website with Odoo and made a seamless connection between the backend activities. We also developed a system that generates real-time reports based on matrices.


The Results

With the implementation of Odoo, the company has now seen a massive boost in productivity and inventory traceability. The first few months after implementing this new software have seen their overall success skyrocket thanks to real-time insights with stakeholders alongside an overview of the impact they’re making on other parts of the business.