Cellphone wholesaler is a popular business in today’s fast-paced world. They provide the latest and most advanced mobile phones to their customers. In order to keep up with the competition, they need to stay on top of inventory management and sales opportunities. This blog post will tell you how this company accomplished 24% growth in sales while maintaining 98% accuracy in inventory.

How did they do it? The answer is through implementing a robust ERP system that not only improves accuracy but also reduces labor costs by as much as 33%. Read more about this fascinating story here!

Customer need:

When a prominent cellphone wholesaler based in Canada needed a system that could adapt to their unique process while also providing complete data protection and access control, Syncoria was there to help. With a rapidly growing business, the company’s main difficulty was tracking its products’ serial numbers because they wanted to start selling online through different channels like Amazon and eBay- but this would mean entering into an entirely new realm of complexity for Inventory Management.


The solution that we offered:


Syncoria used insights from a deep dive into the company’s business process to identify bottlenecks in operations, key control points, and positives by their recent success. We configured and customized Odoo ERP all in one platform solution to provide them with high throughput while also providing total visibility and control.

We not only provided them with such solutions as Odoo product barcodes – which were readable by scanners across platforms – It helped improve their ordering systems so orders could be processed faster than ever before! They were also able to look up serials in real-time and process batches of products quickly through barcode scanning without losing information.

The results

When the Odoo enterprise implementation was completed by Syncoria, their company saved both time and money.

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The Syncoria team replaced four different software systems with one interface to bring everything in house under a single system that saves them not only from having multiple logins but also helps boost efficiency by making it easier for everyone on staff to work together.


Here are the Odoo business suite applications we implemented for this client – Sales, Purchase, Accounting , Website and e-Commerce to help with customer interactions by tracking their needs and order fulfillment, Inventory Management to keep track of the flow or stock in your warehouse as well as orders being fulfilled from it; Contacts that helps you organize all contacts on one platform where everything can be shared across modules such as CRM so they will know about new information quickly without having to search through different databases manually.