A 3D lung model that is interactive and can be used to educate patients about their diagnosis has been created. This new app will help doctors better communicate with their patients, especially those with conditions that affect the lungs. Doctors are also increasingly finding that this approach improves patient outcomes by reducing anxiety. This blog post talks about a recent Syncoria app development on 3D lung models and what they mean for your healthcare decisions going forward.

The Challenge:

A Canadian healthcare institute needed a way to educate their current and potential patients about the medical procedures they are going through, as it is important that these people can make informed decisions. The goal was not just to inform but also to encourage engagement from its viewers by asking them questions like “What did you learn?” or “How do you feel?”.

Our Solution:

Syncoria developed the 3D Lung app that demonstrates how different procedures would affect various lung parts in a user-friendly manner.


Doctors have been shown to use the tool in many cases, such as explaining complex surgical procedures and diseases to patients. With projects like these, we are helping healthcare institutes become more efficient while simultaneously improving patient care.