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Why Odoo is the Top CRM App every Business Manager Wants

Odoo CRM is a software that provides structure, organization, and productivity guidance to assist business managers run their companies more effectively. Using components like Discuss, Calendar, Contacts, Sales, Accounting, Project, and Apps, any business manager has the tools to build a successful sales team to help bring their company to new heights.

The Reason Why Odoo is the Top CRM App Every Manager Wants

Odoo CRM makes the job easy and logging in for the first time, that becomes clear.

The first thing you see is an overview of your business performance with targets and achievements stated, your schedule, and other information. The next 7 days are also outlined with the appropriate activities on-schedule.

The more structure you give to productivity and performance, the more likely you are to over-achieve which is never a bad thing.

Delving deeper into the software, you can peel back the layers of your productivity and schedule to show what needs to get done today, tomorrow, and in the future.

The pipeline feature also helps to assign tasks and team members. Fully customizable, no coding experience is needed to modify Odoo CRM to provide the interface you need to get things done. Drag-and-drop across columns like ‘New’, ‘Qualification’, ‘Proposition’, and ‘Negotiation’.

Move seamlessly from one project stage to the next. Identify tasks by color. Input contact information and in time, Odoo CRM can generate automated data and reports on success rates, productivity, and sales figures.

It’s also easy to send email direct from Odoo and schedule phone calls which will help keep you on top of all your business contacts. As a sales management tool, it’s something you can download and access anywhere from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Once you begin using Odoo CRM, the software starts to accumulate data about your business which can help you analyze where your strengths and weaknesses are.

You can see things like revenues split according to day, month, quarter, year; see the performance of different campaigns, team members, or departments; analyze conversions; and more. Browse future predictions like opportunities, revenues, lead generation, and conversion rates.

As if all that wasn’t enough, as a business manager, you can also manage your phone calls through Odoo CRM using its VoIP feature, generate quotes and invoices, use email marketing to drag-and-drop elements into a responsive design, and manage it all on the go. There’s no reason not to take on this powerful, easy-to-use sales management tool.

There’s a reason why Odoo claims it as the #1 open source CRM software. It’s the customer-centric CRM software you’ve always wanted to have.

Track leads better, close sales opportunities, and see accurate forecasts on where your business is headed. The more informed you are about where your priorities are going, the more effective your business performance can be in making changes, motivating teams, and assigning tasks.

A business manager using Odoo CRM is going to make smarter decisions and won’t have to worry about having to generate or collect all this data themselves. It’s already prepared and ready to review.

Jump on board with Odoo CRM today, if you’re serious about upgrading your business performance. See why the industry continues to call Odoo the top CRM software in the world!

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