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Why You Need a Website Maintenance Service

Owning a website is like owning a car. In order to keep it in tip top shape you have to regularly take it for maintenance.

You had to wash it, polish to keep its outer appearance and change the oil, brakes and other components to keep it in perfect running order. Similarly, your website needs regular maintenance, both internally and externally.

Why you might ask?

  • Security:  in order to keep your website and its visitors secure, you must regularly update it.
  • Customer Retention: if customers keep seeing the same content on your website over and over, or find broken links or pages that no longer work, they will be put off and opt to go to one of your competitors instead.
  • Fresh look: you should regularly update the content on your website in order to keep customers engaged, and even do an overhaul of the design every year or two to keep it looking fresh and well maintained.

Key Benefits of Website Maintenance Service

Software Updates

Most sites today – despite the fact that they are anything but difficult to alter – are mind boggling software applications.

Much the same as the operating system on your PC, they should be updated with the latest performance and security measures.

For WordPress sites, this implies constantly refreshing the main software as well as any modules and themes.

Before rolling out updates, always make sure to keep a backup. That way, if there are any issues, you can restore a previous version.


Most websites at present contain a huge number of lines of code and rely upon explicit software that runs on your web hosting server.

Hackers will work to exploit the vulnerabilities in code, trolling the Internet for websites that leave themselves open.

You can help prevent this by keeping your web hosting server as well as your site’s software updated with the latest patches and security releases.

Despite all your security measures, your website might still get hacked. If it so happens, you will need to remove the virus, clean up the damage and restore data.

This also involves reaching out to web crawlers and search engines that have blacklisted your site due to the virus infection.

You can never be 100% ensured against viruses and hackers, but you can take measures to ensure that even if your site does get hacked, you are in a position to clean it up and restore your site and data to the way it was through regular maintenance.

Fresh Content

Your website should be home to the type of content your target audience would want to know more about.

In order to keep them coming back, you have to keep your content fresh and new.

No one wants to read or hear about your achievements from 3 months ago.

If you’re not regularly updating your content, your customers will have the impression that your business is failing or you’re not giving it enough attention, which can’t be good for your business.


Web crawlers that scour the World Wide Web for sites to index prefer ones that are responsive, free of errors, regularly maintained, and updated.

By updating your content you are providing search engines new content with which to rank your site.

Based on the quality, quantity, and the freshness of your content, search engines will rank the order in which your website appears on search results.


It is good practice to regularly backup your content and code in case your website gets hacked or something happens, and your site needs to be rebuilt. The two elements that need backing up are:

  • Code (JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, themes, plugins, and other files).  You should update your code as often as you make any changes, or any time your Content Management System (CMS – like WordPress) releases a new update.
  • Content (Text, images, videos, audios, etc.).  You should backup everything at least once every quarter.

Take Advantage of New Features

Web technology is rapidly developing. Recently, it has become progressively essential to integrate social media with your site due to how much traffic it can bring.

Cyber security is another area that is growing quickly. You should assign resources to protect your site with an SSL certificate that will encrypt communications to guarantee clients their own privacy.

To Improve Visitor Experience

Your website is a public impression of your brand image. It will be the first impression a potential new customer will have of your business, since people will often go through an organization’s website and social media sites before taking decisive action.

As an extension of your business, it’s crucial that your website meets the expectations of your target audience.

A website that doesn’t work properly is a significant issue for your image and the image that you’re trying to convey to potential new customers, and your current customers and clients.

Routinely inspect the appearance and navigation of your site and update it to better align it with your brand image. Here are some issues that you need to keep an eye on:

  • Page responsiveness and broken links.  This includes site downtime, slow-loading pages and broken links. You can adjust these minor changes with regular maintenance before they become major.
  • Page not found errors (404 errors). A 404 error is returned when a browser or search engine goes looking for a page and is unable to find it. It is representative of a poorly maintained website and leads to poor user experience.
  • Poor grammar and spelling mistakes. These are completely unacceptable as it will lead to customers losing faith in your brand.

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