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Using Odoo as your Project Management Software

odoo project management software bannerProject management involves being able to oversee and service the needs of various stakeholders.

Odoo Project Management Software

Odoo Projects is a software which can be of great assistance in successfully managing a project, no matter the industry. Create new projects, assign team members, and easily execute on your direction using Odoo Projects.

Launch a new product line or manage a marketing campaign. Use assignment and color to identify different tasks and their status. This is just some of what you’ll find in this advanced project management software.

Project managers exist in various fields which makes the need for customization very real.

Thankfully, Odoo Projects is fully customizable allowing a user to create columns and develop an interface that suits their unique needs. Do it all in a few clicks or less.

Odoo Projects

There’s no technical or coding knowledge required. As a manager, you can also adapt the view which classifies your project in different ways and provides various ways to customize things like task time limits. It makes following up on tasks incredibly easy and will keep your project momentum moving forward.

As you go through a project, after everything’s been assigned task by task to different team members, they can also mark a task as completion as they finish.

As this happens, it’s assigned to the manager for review. This gives a project manager great oversight on how a project is coming along and where things are at in the pipeline.

The forecast tool can be activated in Odoo Projects to plan resources and workload in accordance with a pre-defined schedule or with time limits. Let’s say if you need to reserve time for something like product promotion, training a sales team, go-to-market planning, research and development, eCommerce development, or otherwise, it’s easy to do so with Odoo Projects’ calendar.

As a project manager, you’ll learn how to allocate resources and time better. You’ll see yourself perform better, and help to elevate your team members as well.

The automatically generated reports delve into all aspects of a project, sharing things like what’s been planned, what’s been completed, how many hours have been worked on, how departments are performing, and how individuals are keeping up.

Instantly generate reports on project profitability, task profitability, or team member profitability. If you don’t like what you see, thankfully, you can make changes. Your project will customize itself according to the modifications you make in Odoo Projects.

Communication is also made easy with Odoo project management software. Share documents directly, communicate via chat which is just one click away, create a conversation with multiple team members, and more. In terms of after-sales, customer service, or having to manage stakeholders, project management has never been easier.

When you first open Odoo Projects, you’ll no doubt be surprised by everything you can do from a strategic planning and team management standpoint. Other project management software simply doesn’t compare to the hundreds of possible customizations that appear in Odoo.

Odoo’s an advanced project management software tool used across numerous industries. Join the Odoo community today and install the software to begin benefiting from its project management features.

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