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Shipping Software solutions with ERP systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are integral for the smooth operation of your business. They are often integrated across different company departments and allow a simpler and more controlled management system of routine processes. Whether it is tracking your inventory or the movement of cash, you can achieve an even more simplified and effective operation of your business resources with a custom-made ERP system. Boost your business’ performance immensely with a software tool built to make your company logistics more scalable and manageable. No longer will you be outcompeted by companies offering more transparent and straightforward order management systems. Having the most effective logistical solution in place through integrated shipping software as part of your ERP will take your business to new heights.

9 Reason Why Shipping Software is What you Need in Your ERP

Many businesses rely on shipping activities, which determine customer satisfaction, and ultimately, their success and profits. In this case, having a professional software service, which can be integrated into the existing ERP system, is the key to achieving your logistics’ smooth operation and many returning customers. We have listed 9 of the most important reasons why you would benefit a whole lot from having a shipping software solution in place.

Better Customer Experience

It is imperative to keep a happy customer base if you wish to have a thriving business. If you rely on an efficient logistics solution to make your order management system more straightforward and easier to use, you will need the right kind of shipping software. A multi-level solution would be an ideal fit for your ERP, minimizing any operational problems in-between dispatch of items, all the way to delivery.

Ideally, you would like your customers to be at ease using your online order interface, giving them comprehensive and straightforward navigation through the panel. Tracking individual orders is made easy with this shipping software as it provides real-time updates on the progress of its shipping. Receiving emails with tracking information and seeing real-time data is appreciated mainly by users who enjoy these integrated features to their online purchases. Customers can also choose their preferred carrier, and they could select from a menu of delivery options. All this adds to customer satisfaction, leading to fewer customer service calls and complaints regarding orders’ tracking.

Easier Automation

Errors with processing shipment information are a common problem for many businesses. This is why effective automation of tedious information-processing tasks is crucial to minimizing back-office issues. Instead of manual handling of shipping data with every order, this software allows for processes like selecting, checking, and approving orders for shipping to be made through a seamless automation system. This integrated solution’s ability to ease operators while providing automated controls does not come down to only one function. With the integrated accounting software, you can achieve smooth running of financial operations such as quoting your customers, processing payments, and authorizing purchase into your system.

Not only is this freight automation useful for your back-office jobs. You can now influence and boost your customer’s experience directly with this integrated shipping system by giving them a friendly user interface. Your customers will no longer have to log their shipping details in many user systems, overcomplicating their buying experience. Automated set-up will do this for them, allowing fast and easy information processing avoiding manual transcription of information by users. This will undoubtedly improve your customer satisfaction in the long-term if you seek to keep a stable client base for your business.

Greater Access to Data

One thing that you would like to be offering as part of your ERP integrated system is undoubtedly a substantial amount of visibility on shipping data. Collecting and managing your transport data more efficiently can dramatically improve the logistics operations in your business. With this software tool, you can get enough information to satisfy your company’s needs if you want to perform a comprehensive analysis and boost your performance. 

What kind of data do you get access to? Here, we need to mention the software dashboards that generate a great deal of data on the different costs across a range of carriers and the delivery status of a purchase in your selling log. By giving you a lot of useful navigation functions, you can access and manipulate these metrics for improved strategic planning and decision-making processes overall. You can finally shape your business through the help of multi-scale shipping software that provides the tools you need to grow and evolve your business. Imagine you could resolve the many problems arising in the supply chain from a logistic manager to staff personnel. This is now achievable with the improved visibility you get with this software.

You Get Lower Shipping Costs

Reducing the cost in their supply chain is a priority and an effort for many companies. As a company owner dealing with this, you can now choose to use a carrier that provides the best shipping rates. This flexibility to choose between different carriers rather than using a single carrier solution could significantly lower your supply chain costs. It can also speed up the whole shipping process. You no longer have to comply with your carrier’s conditions if they are unfavorable. With this software shipping solution, which you can integrate to your ERP seamlessly, you can finally gain the knowledge and the power to negotiate your working agreements. You can also be aware of different available shipping routes or service levels, which can also lower your costs and increase your profit down the line.

Returns Are More Flexible

Businesses are often challenged by problematic returns, as a lot of single-carrier shipping companies are associated with causing such issues. Reverse logistics should not be a problem for your business. Paying high return rates can seriously affect your revenue, as well. This is where multi-level software will help streamlining your processes and improve your company’s reputation.

 Your Customer’s Opinion on Carriers

This well-integrated system will give you the ability to evaluate your carriers’ reputation directly from your customers’ reviews. You would like to look at this valuable feedback and choose carriers to perform your shipping as efficiently as possible.

Automation via Easy-to-use Interface

Shippers are at ease with this software interface offered by shipping software solutions providers. They can now avoid entering shipping details into multiple systems such as Worship, UPS, and others. No more manual processing of your shipping information with this integrated system allows real-time data flow from your software interface to your carrier systems. Freight charges, tracking numbers, and weight or order data-you can have full live access to this critical data. With an easy-to-use interface, you can process any shipments you have by increasing your productivity significantly.

Improved Customer Experience

Improving your relationship with your customer is often achievable through traditional ERP systems, but with this multi-level software-integrated system, you can take your customer relationship to another level. With the real-time delivery of shipping information on the software interface, you can resolve customer questions, queries, and complaints. Customer service representatives can now login to one screen only and give additional information and proof of delivery through the use of the easy, intuitive interface. Higher visibility ultimately means a lower workload to your Customer Service personnel and higher operational efficiency. Added features like email notifications also improve customer satisfaction. 

Higher Shipping Data Visibility

Many companies rely on integrated ERP systems to give them higher visibility over the different operations they run. However, not many of these integrated solutions provide details on transportation data and how the whole shipping process has been processed and handled. Shipping software gives companies what they need to achieve full visibility on operations and valuable statistical measures on carriers or service level use. They can now also see and assess the shipping costs they have made or whether deliveries have been made on time. 

Altogether, based on the many useful data reports delivered by this software system, companies can be at a good standing ground for making decisions and implementing policy changes. Businesses that understand the importance of a quick and integrated approach to handling their shipment data in a constantly changing marketplace are the ones that thrive with the use of integrated shipment solutions.

There are plenty of efficient multi-level ERP systems that work with multiple carriers, which looks like the way forward for many companies. You can find out about your return on investment with this invaluable tool via a free assessment.

Syncoria can help you determine the right shipping software choice that will complement your ERP system, and it will further ease your shipment processes. It integrates easily, and it improves operations significantly. Your business will lower unnecessary costs and improve automation while guaranteeing you many happy customers. Contact us to get your custom software solution today.

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