April 19, 2019 Open Source

Sell More in your eCommerce Store by Developing it Smart with Odoo Website Designer

Any business selling online seeking big revenues is going to want to have the most direct, intelligent, fun, and effective eCommerce site possible.

To achieve that, there’s only one software you need to rely on and that’s Odoo Website Designer.

Here are just a few of the benefits as they apply to eCommerce web design.

Product management.

Odoo Product Management Software

Sometimes in eCommerce, a brand will want to add new products or delete outdated products. Using Odoo, it’s as easy as a click.

Create your banners, add images, create product pages and slides, and edit everything whenever you want and please. Everything’s integrated into a straightforward interface anyone can use.

Super-duper product pages.

Odoo Website Designer allows you to build product pages in a template, using a simple drag and drop interface.

Choose colors, layouts, themes, and appearance, and making changes is as easy as a click. You don’t need to call your web designer for anything!

Gorgeous, spectacular product pages that are direct and with a clear CTA are now possible to anyone with Odoo, regardless of their knowledge of coding.

Payment options.

Odoo for eCommerce provides you the chance to input multiple payment options, with payment modules such as PayPal, credit, debit, and more.

Consider what’s most convenient to your customer. There are no limits. Choose the payment gateways most advantageous to closing an eCommerce sale.


If you want to sell more in your eCommerce store, not only do you need to put in the work from the starting point but you need to see what’s happening over time with your inventory.

Odoo eCommerce website design software monitors everything for you, generates automated sales reports, and more.

See how sales are moving and analyze how individual products in your inventory are performing. Analyze customer background information and data, to see who’s buying from you. See invoices, delivery orders, and pending shipments.


If there’s one thing Odoo provides, it’s a large amount of support throughout its eCommerce website app.

The customizations on the website alone are seemingly endless. If a certain design’s not performing, switch elements around.

As mentioned, it’s all drag and drop. Unless you want to, you don’t need to write a single line of code.

Also, there’s an entire community of Odoo users online that can be a resource to get questions answered and support you wouldn’t have on other software.

Integrated modules.

Although we are discussing web design, it also bears noting Odoo has several modules which can be integrated into your eCommerce website.

Your entire business data management infrastructure can be greatly simplified with modules that allow you to manage sales, customer service, warehousing, accounting, HR management, purchase orders (POs), and more.

As a resource planning software, there’s nothing that comes close to Odoo as an all-in-one eCommerce business software solution.

Low cost implementation.

Compared to other software, Odoo has an excellent cost-to-value ratio. Odoo is licensed free, does not require payment for any licensing fees, and allows you to customize as you see fit. Odoo is tremendously eco-friendly in this way.

Build your eCommerce site out smartly with Odoo. Sell more, monitor revenues, and adapt your strategies according to the data Odoo automatically collects on your behalf. The opportunities to maximize sales are utterly endless!

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