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Manufacturing Productivity Analysis With Odoo

If you are a small to medium-sized enterprise, and you haven’t made the jump to implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your company, don’t look now.

See, more and more organizations are increasingly adopting and implementing ERP solutions in order to streamline and optimize their operations and their processes.

One of the key features of ERP solutions is to automate and standardize business processes and conduct productivity analysis regardless of what field a particular company operates in.

Productivity basically is a measurement of resource quality in the process of the production of services and goods.

This is especially true for companies engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of products. 

In the end, productive resources are critical to a company’s growth and revenues, as well as the profitability and use of a company’s assets.

That’s why productivity analysis is critical to a company’s growth – including yours. 

Problem is, doing it manually ties up a lot of company resources.

This is why we recommend that senior management teams use productivity analysis tools for improved analytics and insight when it comes to their organization’s productivity.

That’s where ERP systems come in – Odoo in particular.

Productivity analysis tools are readily available in ERP solutions like Odoo – and they are developed to provide exactly the key statistics and insights that management teams require to be able to optimize their operations and boost productivity across the board.

Productivity analysis tools are critical not only for Fortune 500 companies or multinational companies, but all the more so for small to medium-sized enterprises. That’s because SMEs tend to have a higher upside for growth once their outdated processes are updated and streamlined.

How do ERP systems like Odoo help analyze and improve manufacturing productivity and efficiency?

Manufacturing companies require a streamlined approach to business processes in order for them to be able to boost productivity and efficiency. 

This includes automation of manual processes and formulating processes to be as smart and as agile as possible. This is so more time is spent for critical, revenue-generating activities such as the actual work of manufacturing products and distributing them, as well as ensuring that the supply chain is running smoothly.

In short, it’s all about working smarter and not harder.

ERP solutions, when chosen right and implemented right, simplifies and streamlines your BAU activities, and reduces complexity while simultaneously boosting your manufacturing capability.

This leads to a boost in revenue, happier stakeholders and clients, and improved use of time for employees and management teams.

Here’s how an ERP system like Odoo works to boost productivity for companies engaged in manufacturing: 

  • Work with the cloud. The latest enterprise software solutions are increasingly moving away from on-premise implementation that is both expensive and resource-intensive. ERP systems that work in the cloud like Odoo are faster and easier to set up and implement right away. Cloud-based systems also scale and integrate well with other systems, particularly with Odoo’s modular approach. Lastly, employees and management teams can access data from the cloud anytime, anywhere.
  • Optimize workflows. Manual or complex business processes are resource and time-intensive. That’s why streamlining them is key to maximize revenues. Thus, it is important for your company to take stock of your organizational workflow from top to bottom. Every time you detect inefficient, latent, or redundant processes, you can find an opportunity to optimize them using Odoo. Determine the bottlenecks and pain points, then leverage the data from your ERP tool and determine a course of action to address them.
  • Improve inventory management and inventory control. Inventory management and inventory control are integral to your company’s productivity. Overstocking can lead to losses. The lack of stock, on the other hand, may lead to irate customers. Odoo can automatically monitor and reorder inventory based on historical trends and intuitive, intelligent forecasts. Odoo, with its Inventory Management module, helps ensure you stay on top of your inventory, where it needs to go, and where it needs to be. No more showstoppers. Lastly, if you encounter challenges like rejections, delayed shipments, or poor quality, Odoo monitors them and lets you know in advance so you can address them.
  • Boost revenues. Once your workflow, supply chain, inventory, and business processes are aligned and working to its maximum efficiency, you position your company towards increased revenue. As your newly-improved company gains more time and resources to devote to attracting more clients, develop new product lines, invest in machinery, or hire more employees, you will see the coveted ROI from Odoo. 

Odoo Productivity Analysis Features

Odoo Productivity Analysis Features - Manufacturing Productivity Analysis With Odoo - Syncoria Inc.

Odoo comes packed with a wide array of productivity analysis features that will work for you regardless of what field you operate in – all the more so for manufacturers. Let’s have a look at some of the key features of Odoo below.

Business Intelligence

Build your dashboards from scratch and set up key performance indicators. Odoo easily helps you view the statistics on your most important data points. You can also create reports and graphs in any format you might need, with the utmost attention to detail – in just a few clicks.

Heat Map

Odoo’s open source nature offers a heat map feature so you can quickly understand where your projects and activities are at any moment. All this important data can be highlighted, which is useful for tracking your progress as you go through your BAU activities.


Working with oodles and oodles of data can be daunting. But Odoo makes this easy by allowing the use of filters to get the exact information you need every single time. There’s absolutely no need to install applications to make charts and graphs – you can do it all from Odoo’s data analysis software in just a few clicks.

Stay on top of your activities

Always be in the know of the progress of each of your business activities and obtain accurate data on each one of them. Put them all together in a tabular chart with a sleek, easy-to-read structure. The Odoo Business Intelligence app is a fantastic suite of tools that monitor and give you an accurate snapshot of your company’s most important data.


Odoo API offers an opportunity for you to connect your existing specialized applications to work seamlessly with Odoo applications. You’ll get the best of both worlds.

Transfer Information

This feature allows you to send information from your existing software straight to Odoo. Import and export data freely, and be secure in knowing that everything will be in its right place once finished.

Instant Messaging 

Odoo’s real-time instant messaging software allows you to communicate with your colleagues and teams without having to use external programs to do so. Regardless of your company’s size, Odoo’s messaging app offers a centralized, secure manner of sending messages to your teammates.


Odoo’s gamification app allows you to boost engagement and motivate your employees, as well as evaluate them. Goal setting is now a breeze – with tangible performance data for each employee as well as their objectives and targets in one easy-to-use interface.

Challenge Your Employees Effectively

Odoo’s software gives you a powerful new model for the motivation of your employees. You can create various challenges, set goals and targets that you want to achieve.
Use the dashboards to see the status of each challenge and the progress of each employee – this sample view can show you the answers to all your questions about the challenges.

These are just some of the most important features you’ll want to use with Odoo. All of these features are developed so you can drill down on your productivity analysis regardless of what field your company is engaged in.

And we’ve just barely scratched the surface of what Odoo can do not just for your productivity analysis, but every aspect of your company as a whole. With over 1,000 applications and counting, Odoo might just be the solution your company needs to take it to the next level.


Don’t settle for anything less than an accurate and full overview of the most important key reporting metrics that helps you and your company determine key data, dive deep into the specifics, and evaluate productivity across your entire organization, across every department, across every business activity, and across every location your company has. 

Odoo’s productivity analysis tools allow you to track your entire company’s performance from top to bottom with impactful visuals, productivity analysis tools, and inventory control and inventory management tools. Odoo helps you drill down into deeper details about your data and customize them so you can gain that extra competitive edge you need to succeed in your manufacturing business – or any business your company chooses to pursue for that matter. Odoo is that versatile, that functional, and that scalable – it gives you so much more than just a comprehensive view of your data so you are always in the know and up to date. 

Want to know more details about how Odoo can help your manufacturing business? We’re here to help. Contact us today and we’ll gladly help you with everything you need as to how Odoo can help your manufacturing business no matter what help you need with it.

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