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How To Coordinate Transportation Route With Odoo Apps

Odoo’s Freight management module helps you to manage all freight operations, whether it be by air, water, or land. It is a comprehensive system that will allow you to efficiently manage all aspects of your freight operations.

How To Coordinate Transportation Route With Odoo

Freight Operation (Direct)

Freight operation banner

The direct Freight operation module lets you easily manage all the functionalities related to transportation. All the crucial details are placed on the screen conveniently for you to see, making it easy to use and a useful tool to help boost your business growth.

Some smart buttons are available which lets you check the service used directly for a particular order as well as the invoice for the order. Provided some smart button for direct check the used service for particular order and also check the invoice for the order.

Other available buttons let you create invoices and bills. 

Freight Order Line

With this feature you can add an order line, and select a container suitable for shipping.

Freight order line

The total cost of the order will depend on the ‘Price list’ and ‘Billing on’ fields. These are highlighted in the image below.

Freight Account Info

Freight account info

This module provides all your accounts related information in a single frame window. You no longer need to go to the invoice menu to check the bill separately, you can easily check the total amount Receivable or Payable from each order directly from the Account tab.

Freight Operation Routes

This is one of the most important aspects of transportation and freight management, i.e. how to coordinate your transport routes. Using the built in features of this module, you can define various shipping routes which are convenient for you. Once you confirm the route it automatically saves this as the established route using Loading Port and Discharging Port.

You also have the option to add more routes for maximum output from each trip. Any additional services can also be added within the trip.

Freight operation route

Freight Operation Services

Freight operation services

Any additional shipping service to a customer can be added in the service tab and is automatically calculated in the invoice.

Freight Operation Tracking

The location history of any order is stored within a database along with the timestamp and activity so that customers can easily track their order and view all the necessary information.

Freight operation tracking

Custom Clearance Activity

Custom clearance activity

Menu item: Freights → Custom Activity → Custom Clearance

Any necessary clearance from custom can easily be obtained. Once we confirm it from the menu the software automatically sends an email to the agent with all the attachments.

Clearance revision functionality is also provided in the app. In the case where clearance was unsuccessful, it can easily be revised and resent through one click on the revision button (highlighted in the image above).

With this functionality, you can check the revision for any particular clearance.

Whenever a clearance revision is sent the clearance wizard pops up to ask about the reason for the revision (shown below).

custom activity 2

Custom Clearance Revision History

Custom clearance revision history

Menu item: Freights → Custom Activity → Custom Revision.

All the information about the revision history is maintained along with the user info who sent it. This information is automatically grouped by the shipping order ID.

Track Order

You can easily track the location of an order as well as its status using the order number.

Track order banner

Menu item: Freights → Shipping Operation → Track Order.

Set Shipping Date

set shipping date banner

Menu item: Freights → Shipping Operation → Set Shipping Date.

You can preset delivery date as well as date to be received on a bunch of orders at once. Simply follow the steps shown above and fill in the info.


Reporting banner

Menu item: Freights → Shipping → Direct Shipping → Action Bar.

Reports are crucial to any business as they provide you the feedback you need to improve your business operations. You can easily generate reports by following the menu items indicated above. 

Shipment Order

You can access all the information regarding an order using the shipment barcode. 

shipment order banner

Invoice Payment Receipt Report

invoice payment receipt banner

The invoice receipt can be directly printed from the shipping form. It shows Total Payment, the amount due, and payment history.

Bill Payment Receipt Report

Similar to the invoice receipts, the bill receipt with all the above information can also be printed easily.

BPR banner

Shipping Analysis Report

Shipping analysis report banner

Menu item: Freights → Reporting → Shipping

This functionality lets you analyze the total bill amount and invoice and can also take into account additional scenarios. 


  • Ports

The shipping operation is based on the port configuration. The highlighted portion of the image indicates ports which are available for shipping. 

Configuration ports banner

Menu item: Freights → Configuration → Ports

  • Containers
Containers banner

Menu item: Freights → Configuration → Containers

We provide the tool with a container’s maximum volume and weight capacity. If the goods being shipped exceeds these quantities the system will display a warning message.

  • Pricing List

The price is based on the type of goods. We predefine the weight (kg) and volume (m3) and calculate the cost of the shipping order accordingly.

Pricing list banner

Menu item: Configuration → Pricing list

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