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Using Odoo to Manage Online Appointments make it easy to Coordinate with Others

Online appointments have never been so simple to register, organize, and track. Manage meetings online and automate the scheduling process using Odoo.

If your business is reliant on appointments, it can be tough to keep your day-to-day agenda accurate and up-to-date.

Using Odoo, you receive a self-service booking system that works 24/7. Features include clients being able to schedule their own appointments at their own convenience and having these times automatically apply to your calendar.

Include meeting links on your website, in emails, or on social media, and you shouldn’t have any trouble filling your calendar with prospective clients looking for more information. Now, you can manage it all through Odoo.

Scheduling an appointment.

Odoo Scheduling Application

When a customer comes to schedule an appointment, they can choose the meeting type and the person with which they are requesting the meeting. This way, you know beforehand what to expect.

Your availability.

In Odoo, you get to choose the times your availability. After the software knows when you’re available, this information is presented to any client seeing a time slot with you.

No after-hours bothering or double-booking involved. As a business owner, you’re setting your own hours. We know that and allow you to change your availability as you go. If preferred, you can also synchronize your appointments with Google Calendar.

Email notification.

After an appointment has been booked through the Odoo software, the event’s automatically saved into your calendar.

In addition to that, both you and the other party receive a confirmation email identifying the time, location, attendance, and details of the appointment.

Allow for rescheduling.

If something changes after an appointment is made, instead of having someone no-show or cancelling outright, Odoo provides clients the opportunity to re-schedule.

In fact, the software sends automated email/SMS reminders to confirm a client’s attendance. If they decide they cannot attend, rescheduling is always a possibility and easy to do.

Customize your form.

Odoo’s taken care of a lot of the infrastructure for booking and organizing appointments but it doesn’t mean your appointment form needs to look the same as the next guy’s. Customize yours, ensuring you’re not asking for anything you don’t need and simplifying the booking process for clients.

A more professional aesthetic.

To customers, when they see the level of professionalism there is in scheduling an appointment and the ease of doing so, that’s going to help establish legitimacy in their eyes. It communicates you’re the real deal. If this isn’t a service your competitors are offering, that’s also a big advantage to you.

Odoo’s online appointments application is a new feature first introduced in 2017. Since its release, it’s won a lot of attention and acclaim from users, and rightfully so.

The calendar makes it simple to maintain a 24/7 open schedule for clients to get in touch and for you to never miss the opportunity to follow-up with phone calls. Applicable to almost any business, ranging from a healthcare organization to a service company, choose Odoo to take control back over your schedule.

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