June 19, 2019 ERP

Using Odoo as a Product Comparison Tool in E-Commerce

With fast digitalization and rapid growth of online businesses, e-commerce has become an integral part of modern business strategy because of its ability to generate more income and build customer relationships.

As to why customers have accepted the e-commerce industry fast and at large has an assortment of reasons starting from a wide range of options, to quick accessibility, to efficiency and a plethora of other reasons.

The services and options of the e-commerce industry are many.

With newer technologies and the rapid growth of these businesses, e-commerce platforms are bringing more unique innovations to their online storefront.

The Odoo e-commerce has been in the limelight among business entrepreneurs for its smart, intuitive, and user-friendly platform.

The various options to design and configure that it offers, alongside the integrated tools option, different payment and shipping methods, secure billing and accounting options and, especially the analytical reporting, has made Odoo e-commerce a prominent choice among the marketers.

Odoo e-commerce acts as a virtual jungle laying all possibilities in front of you to build a synergistic e-commerce platform for your business.

Whether it is about your storefront suggesting the products and their attributes, offering customization to product color, or bringing out the layout and the font of your theme, Odoo e-commerce gets the user the extravagant options and features for crafting a responsive e-commerce store for their business.

An intuitive Odoo e-commerce feature is the Product Comparison Tool.

For the newer generations and individuals with high aspiration who never step back from endless searches to get the best products and deals from the large variety of options, there exists an Odoo e-commerce “product comparison tool” which helps to provide customers with the best, suitable product, based on their preferences on attributes such as product, color, size, etc.

They are helping customers save time from endless searching and making shopping easy and efficient.

In an e-commerce website or application, this feature is highly demanding because there is an inherent need to convince customers of their quality products and retain them in store to ensure repeat purchases – very much like the traditional offline shops.

An e-commerce industry can only survive if it wins in convincing the customers that they offer the best products/services compared to any other e-commerce providers.

Odoo e-commerce strives to create a new and extravagant shopping experience for users by continually improving the infrastructure and in-built features. With the very same mission, Odoo introduced the product comparison tool in its e-commerce sector.

The primary purpose of the product comparison tool is to motivate customers to return to their stores and begin to create a life-long relationship with the platform.

Simultaneously, this tool remains suitable for the extensive product catalog, where the end user can compare a similar type of product that may or may not have the same attributes.

So what is the function of the Odoo Comparison Tool?

The module functions by allowing customers to pick the best for themselves and allowing them to experience the product comparison feature on the Odoo website.

Using this module, your customers can add products for comparison. Product comparison makes it easier for the selection of the product and thus, also, saves customers’ time from having to visit different websites for the information they need.

The Odoo comparison tool offers the following features to help customers get the best products in good time:

Helps the customer with product comparison.
• A value-added feature for the customers to choose the best.
• It discloses full information about products before purchase.
• Allows customers to add products to cart directly from the comparison page.
• Contains different variants of the same product that can then be compared together.
• A total of four products can be analyzed at one go.

Let’s take a look at how the product comparison tool works in Odoo ERP.

At first, to get the tool to work, turn on Product Comparison Tool under the settings option for accessing the product comparison tool in e-commerce; you can then add your desired product to the compare tool that helps in selecting the best product from the ones available on the board.

When you add a product to the comparison tool, the option to “compare” becomes visible and by clicking “compare,” you can see the descriptions of each of the products that were added on the comparison board.

You can, then, get a comparison of general features and characteristics of all the products on the board and also choose to remove the product, if you change your mind or if the product is not necessary, only by clicking the delete button on the right side of each product.

The ability to compare products that fulfill similar needs helps shoppers make educated decisions on the fly. This comparison feature can be vital for stores that sell tools, electronics, appliances, clothes, etc.

Ultimately, comparison charts allow consumers to see clearly if a higher priced product is a better value based on specifications and features.

The Odoo comparison tool, as opposed to many other comparison tools available today, is an excellent choice for e-commerce sites, mainly due to its clean and straightforward formatting.

Not only is the tool simple to use, but the products are lined linearly with simple, easy to read descriptions with each product.

The Odoo comparison tool helps make shopping fast, simple, and efficient, creating a trouble free experience without the hassle of any product or purchase confusion.

The tool is likely to continually keep attracting customers for a simple easy-to-use interface with all their best options laid out before them with detailed descriptions of a variety of their desired products to choose the best product and get the best deal.


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