May 6, 2019 ERP

Simplify your Business Process Management with Odoo

Odoo helps to simplify business process management by minimizing the frustrations common to anyone managing operations, managing employees, and to some degree, managing themselves, while maximizing productivity.

Imagine a single app that can handle everything you need in customer relationship management, sales, inventory and MRP, and accounting and financial reports.

That’s Odoo in a nutshell. Investing the time to customize and structure processes like payroll and inventory replenishment can save effort and money you can dedicate elsewhere.

For a CEO, they can run their business from A to Z, automating simple tasks and maximizing their time.

Increase productivity easily with Odoo

Increase Productivity

Increasing productivity is easily accomplished with a software like Odoo because of the support it brings. Instead of using three or more different pieces of software to get simple business processes done, house everything in a single Odoo app.

When you’re using a single app to coordinate different processes, data sets can be applied across multiple categories. The data coming in through sales can be fed into accounting, inventory, and elsewhere.

The more functions you have through Odoo, the more integrated your data becomes and the easier it is to complete accounting, generate financial reports, and do payroll.

Grow with Odoo

Odoo is also customizable and very scalable. You don’t need to have every module installed and in use. Odoo’s designed to grow with the business owner so if you’re just starting out, maybe all you want is your basic set of processes.

Years down the road, you may want to pull in other modules. For example, if you go from strictly eCommerce to having your first brick-and-mortar, Odoo modules can connect you with point-of-sale and other modules to interconnect everything you’re doing in a single software.

As mentioned, implementing Odoo into your business management is broken down into small modules.

This is done to separate the data into specific interfaces, each one specializing in a different aspect of management. That said, the data is shared between all modules if you customize the software this way.

You don’t need any special coding or development knowledge to launch your business processes with Odoo. It’s all there for you. The flexibility is impossible to dismiss because it’s so easy.

Odoo all-in-one management software

Odoo all in one management software

Odoo is an all-in-one management software, whether it’s for a small-scale operation or for a large corporation.

In a software like this as well, it’s open-source which means any developer can access its coding and make changes to modules or features based on a business’ requirements.

If you’re a large company or you grow into one and you have the need for a unique module or desire a feature that Odoo doesn’t already have – as rare as this is – you can hire a developer to develop it.

Odoo is a low-cost option perfect for small to medium sized enterprises desiring software to manage their CRM, POS, project management, HR, manufacturing, accounting, web design, and more.

Odoo’s advanced functionality has made it an industry-leading software, recommended for businesses who need to save time and money. And let’s face it, who doesn’t – choose Odoo today.

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