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Simplify Data Across Multi-Platforms With Odoo

These days, people want convenience. They want to be able to have a wide selection of products to choose from, on their phone while sitting at home. They want to be able to order what they want and expect it to be delivered to their doorstep. After all, it’s easier than having to drive to the store and buying it. Therefore, it is essential to have your products be available online, whether on your own or a third party website.

The modern shopper is evolving. Selling your products on an e-commerce platform or channel substantially lessens the distance between you and the customer. Your target group can purchase your products from anywhere. For a customer, this means less time and effort and more convenience. This encourages them to make more purchases online if they had a good experience. Depending on the platform, this can profoundly affect your business.

This is where multichannel sales come in. Multichannel retailing is the act of selling your stock on more than one channel. It involves moving past your site and discovering other channels such as – social media, marketplaces, and shopping engines which compare products based on a selected criterion.

Having your products available on multiple platforms such as various e-commerce websites and social media increases the visibility of your product. Doing business on multiple channels gives your customers better access to your products. You can also put better focus on selected target markets using a multichannel sales strategy. The end goal is to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience, no matter which channel they choose to use.

It is, however, in no way easy to maintain and manage data across multiple platforms if you do decide to implement a multichannel strategy. There are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Firstly, selling across multiple channels takes some investment. This consumes a significant amount of financial resources. Secondly, managing and maintaining your product on several platforms, along with all its data, is a challenge. Details concerning the product such as price and availability, descriptions, images, etc. need to be kept up to date across all the channels. If anyone channel shows an older model of the product while the others have the updated image, that channel’s sales will take a hit. Therefore, maintaining your image on multiple platforms is also a significant factor, pun shamelessly intended. Lastly, keeping track of inventory while providing shipping services from orders across all platforms doesn’t just sound like a nightmare; it probably is.

Luckily, there are tools to help you maintain a multichannel sales strategy. The Odoo Multichannel Sales Plugin is one such convenient tool.

All-In-One Management Software

“Odoo is an all-in-one management software that covers all sorts of business operations, from project management, CRM, and HR to inventory control and omnichannel sales.” It is an e-commerce platform of itself which is integrated with Point of Sale (POS). Below are some of the features which make Odoo’s software handy to use.

Product Management

product management in odoo erp system

An integral part of any business is product management. Thanks to Odoo, you can view and manage your products from several different platforms on a single interface. Odoo allows you to import all your products from various marketplaces into Odoo. It also allows you to export products to different channels.

In addition to that, any update you make on any product, Odoo syncs them across all your existing channels. For example, if you want to offer a promotional discounted price on one of your products, instead of manually updating the discounted price on all the platforms, you can do it with just one click on Odoo.

Any updates you make manually can also be downloaded to Odoo and then synced with the other marketplaces. This clears up much time for you by keeping product information up to date and keeping the data centralized. You can efficiently manage your products in different channels.

Customer Management

Customer Management is another vital aspect of doing business. Research shows that customer retention is one of the most crucial factors in running a successful business. The better you know your customers, the better you can retain them.

You can import customer data from all your different e-commerce platforms into Odoo with our connector. Using this data, you can utilize an array of powerful CRM tools provided by Odoo to manage existing customers effectively. You can offer discounts based on a customer’s buying behavior, send promotional email newsletters, and promote your business.

Order Management

Odoo inventory management

Using a single interface, you can track all the orders placed on your products, from multiple platforms. This is an incredibly useful feature which keeps track of your orders in the proper chronological order. You can also check the order status as well as update it directly from Odoo, and it will sync up with the platform it was placed in.

Just a few clicks on Odoo will allow you to update your order status from “Placed” to “Shipped” and this will automatically update the order status from the respective channel.

This makes order management a lot easier than it should be thanks to our plugin.


Deliveries need to go out on time to provide customers with the best online shopping experience. This plays a significant role in gaining their trust and enhancing your brand image.

Odoo multichannel sales plugin includes an integrated shipping functionality which lets you import all shipping methods across several platforms to Odoo in just a few clicks.

You can also export your shipping methods to connected channels and make your job a whole lot easier.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Odoo

Managing your inventory efficiently is another crucial aspect of doing business if you want to avoid losses from damaged or outdated goods. In other words, an efficient inventory management system makes for smooth business growth.

Odoo Multichannel sales connector synchronizes your inventory across multiple channels, in real time. This means that whenever you update the quantity of any product from Odoo, it updates this information on all your other platforms. So you always know beforehand when to order more stock or provide promotional discounts to sell more goods before it becomes outdated.

In the case of any canceled or refunded an order, your inventory is automatically updated. This is a significant factor in determining the success of your business, and Odoo makes it easy.

Import Orders through CSV

An added feature in Odoo is that it lets you import data such as orders, quantity, products, customer/partner information as well as shipping methods from a CSV file.

Odoo combines user-friendliness with complete integration across multiple platforms. Because it’s incredibly flexible, you can configure your Odoo package to meet your specific needs. Visit us at www.syncoria.com to schedule a consultation any time you like.

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