April 17, 2019 ERP

Odoo’s the Perfect Platform to help manage a Retail Company

If you’re looking for an all-in-one retail management software, there’s only one name to consider. Odoo encompasses all the basics of retail management, such inventory management, product configuration, re-ordering and purchasing, point-of-sale, and reporting.

Retail inventory.

retail management software

Using Odoo for retail product configuration and inventory management, you have an instant database ready for products to be entered.

Identify general information, sales, invoicing requirements, price, and more. Add your vendors through which products will be purchased, add in images to have the product featured on your website if you intend to sell or feature online, and choose a forecasted quantity.

Every time a sale is made on your products, in real time your inventory will update. At any moment, receive an accurate perspective on where your inventory is at.

Reordering and purchasing.

When it comes time to reorder inventory or purchase product, Odoo makes it simple. All your vendor information is already entered into the software.

You can set up automatic reordering defined to a schedule, or choose automatic re-ordering once stock levels fall below a certain threshold.

As it relates to purchases, creating a general purchase order is incredibly easy and Odoo retains all this information right there in your system.

At the same time, all POS are sent to accounting and any other related modules where that information could be beneficial. Of course, this is customizable according to what you need it to do.

POS software.

POS Management Software

Point-of-sale links direct up with your Odoo application which is absolutely great news for inventory monitoring and sales monitoring.

You can enter in barcodes, stock location, sales journal type, payment methods, and more. Any time a payment is made, instantly this information is recorded and retained in the Odoo system.


Lastly, there’s the reporting feature. Retail managers with a passion for business and analytics love Odoo’s automated reporting as it aggregates all relevant data and inputs them into graphs, tables, and other readymade templates.

Analyze your retail operations by product, quarter, employees, or virtually any category you can think of.

As long as Odoo has recorded the data somewhere in its system, as a manager, you’re able to pull it up on a report and analyze.

See sales, inventory, invoicing, and more, prepared in reports that can be shared between you and relevant stakeholders, showcasing where the strong and weak points of your retail operations are.

Odoo is an excellent fit for retail, with features that align perfectly with the goals of managing a business environment like this.

Create new products, configure its presentation on the POS system and online, purchase products from vendors, schedule product transfers from the warehouse to the retail floor, and more.

There’s also full integration with your website so if you’re also selling online, everything automatically updates as you make the changes to the product presentation in Odoo. This amount of oversight is ideal for managers who like having access to data from every corner of their business.

Now, you can see it. Every digital transaction is automatically registered, without you having to do a thing. Needless to say, it’s the ultimate platform for any retail business. Choose Odoo for your retail company.

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