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Integrating MRP, PLM, Quality, and Maintenance in Odoo, a Manufacturing Software

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 3 mins

The average warehouse runs anywhere from a few to as many as 10 different software applications to be able to successfully manage all departments. There’s material requirements planning (MRP) software which helps to plan, schedule, and sort inventory in manufacturing.

There’s product lifestyle management (PLM) software which helps to manage the data, business processes, and assigned responsibilities when planning a product in manufacturing.

Odoo Integrated Manufacturing Software

There are also other quality and maintenance related software that’s also used. Instead of having to sort through MRP, PLM, quality, and maintenance, you can have it all integrated in a single piece of software in Odoo.

With Odoo, you can keep everyone on the same page, share documents between departments, minimize time consumption, and improve efficiencies in a way you can’t do when you have MRP, PLM, quality, accounting, and more all in separate softwares.


Odoo MRP ss

Using Odoo’s MRP functionality, you can plan manufacturing orders on a product schedule, schedule work orders, report production automatically, and create orders based on forecast.

MRP’s a great tool to use for assigning work you need done in the upcoming week. In a few clicks, you can have your entire manufacturing processes ready-set with worksheets to track time and information available for workers through a tablet interface.


When it comes to quality, Odoo wants to analyze, identify any root cause issues that exist in manufacturing, and adhere to a defined quality control plan.

Any time a piece of equipment is broken or something’s missing, a worker can trigger a quality alert maintenance request.

Alternatively, through the press of a button, a worker can set up checkpoints, easily record the results of a quality control check, and create an alert if there are issues other members of the team need to be aware of.

Management can track the status of quality investigations, identify trends, complete root cause analyses, and more.


Odoo MRP ss

Speaking on the subject of PLM, Odoo can also help to issue Bill of Materials for department approval and host engineering discussions all in the same place.

When there’s maintenance or repairs that need to be formed, inventory that needs to be purchased, or supply chain issues in need of address, Odoo software is there to help plan and track your efforts.

Create tickets, assign them to a technician, and review everything through dynamic reporting. Delivering high quality products in manufacturing has never been this easy to coordination through a software before.

Why Manufacturers use Odoo

Odoo Manufacturing software

Odoo’s designed to help cover every software need a manufacturing organization needs and expects in software.

Companies such as Toyota use Odoo software for these purposes and others, capitalizing on its robust set of features and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for any manager or employee.

If there’s a way to improve manufacturing efficiencies, improve quality, and/or improve the overall manufacturing supply chain, Odoo’s the software that will allow you to see everything in one simple place.

An added bonus is how you can coordinate and communicate between departments, which keeps all your communications, documents, and everything you need on your app.

Use Odoo today for your manufacturing needs and get rid of all those other apps. You can keep everyone on the same page and integrate all software-related efforts into a single app for stakeholders in inventory, purchases, accounting, quality, PLM, and maintenance to view.

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