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Odoo HR is the Ultimate HR Asset in Recruitment and Supporting Team Growth

As enterprises grow in size, so does the demand to technologically integrate every facet of a business’ workforce. For companies that relied on traditional methods of recruitment but want to take growth to the next level, technological integration is an enticing but a rather daunting task.

Whether the business is a brick-and-mortar service chain or an online-based shopping website, a management software does wonders for smaller businesses as a time-saving and a cost-cutting measure; for larger businesses, the software becomes essential to its functioning.

Though larger businesses in the past have indeed functioned well without technological integration, still it is important to note that they required a sizable amount of employees to keep track of other employees’ performances and needs, with risks of human errors and losing valuable data to accidents and disasters. It no longer makes sense to assign workers to do tedious work, and once an enterprise can afford the initial implementation cost, technological implementation brings nothing but benefits.

So, what are the features you should look for in a Human Resources (HR) Asset? It’s easy to get lost in the plethora of options each software serves, but a software program should be good to go if they have these essentials.

Open-Source Software

An open-source software program is highly customizable, as the copyright holders of that software allow its users to edit the source code and distribute the modified version. This means that the software can be adapted to fit a particular enterprise’s needs.

This also means that the team management process can be modified accordingly to fulfill the employer’s requirements. For example, they may either choose preset templates or make their own when conducting surveys or introduce new categories to certain situations that might be unique for a particular business, e.g., adding customizable leave types. Also, open-source software programs allow the company to streamline the user interface of the software, with personalized dashboards and the ability to sort data in different formats.

The source code could be further modified to attend to a particular niche, and there are firms, like Syncoria, which specialize in this work, by performing thorough analyses of businesses and tweaking the software accordingly.

Modular Design

Open-source software programs that focus on modular design have the upper hand in adapting to a business’ needs. In modular design, the emphasis is on separating the functionality of a software program into independent and interchangeable modules; this means that each module has the functions necessary to execute only one aspect of a task.

Some management software providers sell additional modules to enhance the overall experience and make the software program more specific. Odoo Apps, for example, allows businesses to download specialized modules, like pharmacy management modules, as well as simple tweaks, like web-dynamic dashboards.

If hiring software engineers to modify the software fully seems like a steep price, module implementation is a great alternative.

Real-Time Updates

A real-time program allows multiple tasks to run in the background at the same time, even when the user is focused on a single task. Hence, there’s no requirement to refresh the program continuously.

For recruitment, this means receiving a CV as soon as the applicant submits them and updating job offers without any hassles of keeping it consistent through different media. For team management, this means easy tracking of expenses, employee needs, and worker performance. Responses to requests and inquiries, like leave requests and applicant replies, are also done without delay, and managers receive notifications according to their preferences.

This is a practical, time-saving measure, and it prevents missing out on crucial aspects of the business that require attention.

Accessible User Interface

A significant amount of resources are invested in training new employees, and having a software program with intuitive and accessible UI (user interface) acts as a cost-cutting measure.

Even simple modifications like layout designs and data categorization can improve the user experience of a software program. One with accessible UI doesn’t require hours of training, and a simple manual does the trick. Employees also get used to it faster, hence improving speed.

A good management software program also puts in some thought to create interactive application tutorials available at startup and allows prospective users to try out the trial version to let them decide whether they like it.


It’s crucial for HR assets to seamlessly integrate with other facets of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, like accounts and marketing assets. The better the integration, the easier it is to exchange crucial data and update statistics. Getting different kinds of ERP software from the same company may ensure better integration, as all of them are based on the same code, and have been designed to be integrated in a particular way.

It’s also essential for a management software program to export and import information from programs that are not owned by them. Management programs like Odoo not only provide easy integration between its ERP applications but also offer combination with outsider applications like Google Calendar, allowing employees to plan their work life alongside their personal lives.


An entrepreneur might be overwhelmed by all the choices they might face when looking for an enterprise software program, but being aware of these factors might enable them to navigate the market with more confidence. Choosing a reliable ERP software is very important, as you’re heavily relying on it to chart its every step towards success.

Based in Canada, Syncoria has been providing business solutions all over the world for over 14 years. Odoo is one of our ready partners who specialize in integrated business solutions, and ERP is one of its specialties. Your inventory, CRM, accounting, HR, and every other need is Odoo’s priority, and three million business owners over the world agree. Feel free to consult Odoo for any business related questions and estimates.


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