April 22, 2019 ERP, Toronto, Canada

Understanding the Massive Potential Behind Odoo Helpdesk

Odoo Helpdesk is the ultimate customer service tool that allows you to put all your customer service tickets in a single location.

Helpdesk ensures no ticket is forgotten, every inquiry is answered, and that all data contained in and around customer service interactions is documented and re-produced in automated reports identifying accomplishments and areas of improvement.

Odoo helpdesk application

If you are receiving tickets from multiple sources and/or have a large customer service team, Odoo’s the software for you. Alternatively, even if you’re a small business owner with only you as your sole customer service person, there’s no better organization tool than this.

Regardless, for the customer, they submit their ticket as they normally would – by email, through a web from, from a live chat conversation or somewhere else in the API.

Representatives can also create tickets manually. From there, ticket progress is tracked, categorized, and assigned to a representative.

The assignment process can happen in an automated format or can be completed manually.

Every ticket comes with customer information, including any sales, orders, invoice, subscriptions, and anything else associated with this customer. Then, communication’s just a click away. If you ever need to go back, the message history is also retained. You won’t need to look far!

Odoo understand

As a growing business, Odoo understands your time is valuable which is why it provides the capacity to have canned responses.

Create pre-written canned responses to be delivered in response to your most common inquiries and use email templates which can be personalized to the client to make responding to tickets an easy, fast process – without losing any value for the customer.

As tickets are solved, customers are asked to rate their experience and that satisfaction information is also included in this ticket interaction.

Browsing the Helpdesk dashboard, you can see an overview of all ticket activities, access high-priority tickets, and see unassigned tickets.

The dashboard also allows you to monitor KPIs, customer ratings, SLA success rate, and individual and team performance. The ‘Dynamic Reports’ feature is perhaps most impressive.

This takes your data, inputs it into graphs, and automates reports for you to view. See how individual members of your customer service team are performing or identify common customer service issues that seem to be appearing repeatedly.

It only takes a few clicks to integrate Odoo Helpdesk with your website, setting up a help forum wherein a customer service-based knowledge database can be built as well as live chat for customers to tap into an immediate conversation with an agent.

Live chat is incredibly useful and continues to increase in popularity among consumers. Also, the knowledge database allows customers to find answers to questions without having to wait for an agent. After all, the less time your customers have to wait, the better their experience is going to be.

All in all, there’s a lot of big potential behind Odoo Helpdesk.

If you’re not already using a customer service management software like this for your website and brand, Odoo’s easily your best choice.

Between the knowledge database, ticket aggregation, and the potential in analyzing the quality of your customer service, Odoo can help any business maintain strong customer service satisfaction ratings!

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