April 15, 2019 ERP, Toronto, Canada

Reducing Company Expenses using Odoo Business Software

If you’re tracking employees’ expenses manually, that can be very time-consuming. Tracking expenses overall, maintaining receipts and records, and managing accounts used to be tedious – until Odoo Expenses came along.

Sales team expense request/approval.

Sales Team Dashboard

Odoo provides you with all the oversight you need to accurately manage expenses. As they come in, Odoo’s a platform through which employees can submit a request which you can then approve or refuse.

If there is a refusal, add a note in response advising your employee of why. This saves you time in having to manage these requests manually and will improve your productivity.

Employee-recorded expenses.

Through Odoo, it also allows employees to enter in their expenses as they come in which provides them an easy way to track it.

An employee can underline it either as a reimbursement or on the company card, helping you as a manager track where things are at. Encourage employee to upload receipts and submit them to you as soon as is reasonable. That way, nothing’s lost or forgotten.

Integrates with accounting.

Accounting dashboard administrator

Odoo Expenses integrates with the company’s Accounting app as well, which makes reimbursement as easy as a click. Records are kept clean and easy, ready for the accounting team to review.

Expenses on-the-go.

A highly praised feature of Odoo is the employee’s ability to snap a photo of their expense receipts on-the-go and submit it through their smartphone. An expense record and image of receipt is automatically created.

Manage multiple companies.

If you’re dealing with multiple companies or multiple currencies, your expense management software can handle it.

If you have a contract team or international sales representatives, this instantly connects them to your local offices. What would normally be a very complex calculation is simplified through Odoo, allowing you to manage expenses no matter where they’re coming from.

Client reimbursement.

If a business expense is to be reimbursed by the client, Odoo Expenses allows you to segment expenses according to client accounts. This makes it easy to track what is owed from the client, putting in a line item on the company invoice without any additional work from your accountant.


Peruse automated reports and see expenses according to project, product, employee, or quarter, among other categories.

Get a full scope of your employee expenses going out, identifying possible opportunities to save or to see where your budget’s over-utilized.

Managing expenses has never been so quick and efficient, and above all else, all the information you receive from your analytics reports comes from no data entry whatsoever.

Odoo Expenses is one of the easiest ways to track employee expenses. If you’re managing a department or are a small business owner, employee expenses is not something you want to be calculating manually or having to enter them in yourself.

Time is valuable! Odoo eliminates a lot of the work for you and provides everything you need to ensure expenses are being used properly. As a manager, you can focus on what you do best – managing – and let Odoo take care of all that data entry.

Employee expense management software couldn’t be simpler. Choose Odoo today.

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