May 2, 2019 ERP, Toronto, Canada

Multi-Channel eCommerce has never been Easier than with Odoo

eCommerce has never been more competitive. Brands from all over the world are competing globally, and exploiting multiple channels to derive customers and profits from.

There’s no shortage of online platforms out there with shops like Shopware, OXID e-Shop, Prestashop, and Magento, and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Galaxus, Ricardo, and Siroop, among countless others.

Through Odoo, a brand can leverage themselves on each of these platforms to maximize their reach and position themselves in an advantageous position for revenues. For eCommerce brands looking to go global, Odoo can provide a way into key markets such as Germany, Switzerland, and others.

Sell everywhere.

Odoo Multi-Channel Ecommerce

The further out you can get word of your product and the more places where it’s advertised, the more revenues you’ll grab. Through a platform like Odoo, where multi-channel eCommerce optimization is prioritized, we want to be a hug from which your products are advertised. Advertise across different online stores, in online marketplaces, and all over social media.

Save time.

Doing it all yourself without a hub like Odoo multi-channel eCommerce to back you up is a massive time-suck. With Odoo, you have a responsive software that connects you to every channel. Gain control over how your brand is advertised, eliminate errors or overselling, use automatic inventory syncing to keep a close eye on what’s going out and coming in, and manage order fulfillment all from a single place.

High-traffic marketplaces.

Places like eBay and Amazon are very competitive eCommerce platforms, and some may think their products will get lost among the thousands listed here. While the concern has some merit, using Odoo, you not only get your products up on these sites but you optimize the listing with what they need to stand out to your target audience. In this day and age, it adds legitimacy to have your products listed on high-traffic marketplaces like these.

Physical store purchases.

If you’re selling products in-store or in physical locations, you can connect Odoo to your point-of-sale which will automatically update inventory as sales happen. Whether transactions are happening online or in-person, you can go in any time and receive up-to-the-minute information on how things are going.

Social media.

Lastly, Odoo’s a powerful software which you can also use to give shoppers on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest among other platforms a preview of your products or services.

Send your brand out to potentially millions of users and do it all through the same software you’re using to maximize what you got going in other channels.

Any customer shopping online wants an exceptional buying experience and hiring a professional web designer or using Odoo Web Design to craft your eCommerce site, it’s not hard to deliver that to them.

For eCommerce site owners however, they don’t often give care and attention to how they can provide themselves with an exceptional eCommerce management experience.

Multi-channel online shopping opportunities exist by the dozens when you use Odoo and the software provides all that you need to capitalize. Decide to connect it with Odoo’s accounting, inventory management, and sales management apps, and you can knock off a lot of time that would otherwise be spent doing data entry and compiling reports. It’s all there for you when you choose Odoo.

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