April 26, 2019 ERP

How to Manage a Service Company using Odoo Apps

For service companies, Odoo software can provide a significant amount of value as sales and invoicing.

In service industries, success with clients is based off of negotiating fair terms of an agreement registering the services provided to the client on a schedule of per-month, per-quarter, or per-year; and invoicing the services provided to the customer. Odoo can assist, support, and help manage all three.

Odoo apps are very simple to install. As a service business, you’ll want to first activate Odoo CRM, which zeroes in on customer relationship management. Then, you want the sales management app and you want to activate contract management in it.

When it comes to negotiating the terms of an agreement, you get to use Odoo to prepare a sales order and confirm the details with the client. If it will be a recurrent sales order, you can establish it to generate on a schedule.

Setting up customer accounts.

As a service company, the basics of using Odoo begins with establishing a set of customer accounts.

These are easily inputted into the software and then, any invoice associated with the account can be easily found and searched. After you have your accounts, the next step is to create products or services which can then be assigned to the account according to the invoice. General information, inventory, sales, warranties, invoicing, and notes are all a part of creating products.

Invoicing with Odoo.

Invoicing with Odoo

When it comes time to preparing invoicing, you can bill ahead of time or after the services are rendered as you deem appropriate. If you’re creating a quotation, you can confirm the sale, spur it into the invoice at a later date, and everything from that sales order gets logged into Odoo, ready to be viewed any time.

As you go, you can register payment, validate, confirm, and more. If there are additions made to an existing sales order or invoice, this is easily customizable and can be re-issued very easily, ensuring you’re not spending any more time than you need to staying on top of your sales orders.


Going to your analytics, you can see costs, revenues, and more based around customer accounts, products, and on invoices. For a service company, this provides an immediate look into how profitable business relationships and actions are.

Why Odoo?

There’s a lot Odoo can do for a service company. One of the primary challenges service companies face is in organizing projects. Tracking and billing between different software is time-consuming.

In Odoo, if you’re selling through an online store, you have everything you need to register sales and automate bills. The software can generate automatic tasks from a sale or project, log hours on a timesheet to automatically create RFQs, invoice customers for billable hours if need be, create quotations, and more. Odoo’s very customizable as well, ensuring you’re not wasting time on anything you don’t need.

Odoo’s the ultimate suite of open source business apps, covering every aspect of a service company’s needs, including CRM, eCommerce, accounting, sales, inventory, invoicing, and financial reports. If you’re a service company looking to take things up a notch, you’ll be glad you chose Odoo.

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