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Improve Customer Experience by using Odoo to Simplify the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer journey is filled with many obstacles which could divert them to a competitor and away from your brand’s website.

The average buyer journey is filled with six key components.

The first is discovery, which involves a customer arriving at your website and encountering your brand for the first time.

The second is qualifying the customer to buy, which commonly involves content marketing and strategies to generate interest.

The third stage of the average buyer journey is trusting the eCommerce brand.

The fourth stage is becoming a customer.

The fifth stage is extending the relationship, sometimes done through follow-up emails and other strategies.

The last stage is loyalty and advocacy, which takes a prospect into becoming a customer and then, into being an ambassador for your brand.

Do Some Research.

Do some research using Odoo

From a customer’s perspective, they’re looking for a website which can be easily navigated, free advice, references of some kind, and clearly stated information.

Odoo improves the customer experience by focusing on blogging, detailed product descriptions and explanations, simple registration, and product demonstrations.

As a customer’s researching you and slowly coming to decide on whether to buy or not, Odoo offers several means of maximizing your time and effort. Templates and a simple drag-and-drop menu make it easy to construct the ultimate sales site.

Becoming a Customer.

As a customer’s entering the purchase process, Odoo can provide a site owner with personal business advice, GAP analysis, online documentation, live support, and built-in help resources.

A customer doesn’t have to go far to find the information they may be looking for on how to buy. As a customer makes a purchase, Odoo has several strategies in supporting your customers including a built-in SLA ticketing interface and ways to customize a sales order.

Following a purchase, a customer’s thoroughly supported through Odoo giving an eCommerce business or online website everything they need to answer inquiries, follow-up, build trust, and more.

Get Better Results.

Better results

Emails are a particularly powerful way to nurture leads and to turn prospects or past customers into new customers. Thanks to Odoo’s ability to segment customers, and send targeted and personalized emails, there’s no shortage to what you can do with email marketing.

There are virtually no areas of digital marketing and customer development not touched upon by Odoo. Customer service, sales, email, digital marketing, and more – it can all be controlled through Odoo software.

That said, Odoo’s not magic. It does provide the tools but it takes an excellent manager to know how to use those tools to get the results you desire.

The buyer’s journey is the sometimes extensive process a buyer will go through as they decide on a purchase.

Optimizing the buyer journey, Odoo will help prospective customers move along down the sales funnel which will hopefully lead them towards a sale. Odoo’s oversight and scalability alongside other apps make it a one-of-a-kind app with high value.

If you’ve identified weaknesses in your buyer journey or you simply want more control over the buyer journey for your prospective customers, Odoo’s your answer.

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