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How Odoo has helped the Travel Industry target Customers and improve Revenues

The travel industry, like every other industry, has needed to evolve to keep up with constantly changing consumer tastes and the heavy competition to stand out.

Due to the innovative technology available to us, the travelers of today find it much easier to plan a long distance trip online and can easily compare prices of tickets, choose between multiple agencies, and get numerous reviews from peers all around the world.

Customers like to be well informed about trips and plan out each stop beforehand.

They can be easily influenced by various factors like online advertisement and social media posts of trips. Travel agencies have to boast other features now to sway consumer choice.

This is why it is important to target customers far more than ever to stay competitive One of the approaches to doing this is to offer tailored trips to tourists.

This leads to the question, how to efficiently create tailor-made trip offers to target customers?

It can be done with the help of useful integrated tools offered by software such as Odoo.

How Odoo Helped Travel Industry?

Odoo is one of the world’s top running business applications, where they provide over 30 apps to be used by any business organization ranging from small scale businesses to large companies. They have over 1500 members, who have contributed to expanding Odoo’s range to provide up to 1600+ apps.

Odoo offers more than one module to achieve higher revenues and target customers each differently. Some of these are:

1. Website Builder

The key to every good travel agency is a user-friendly website that is understandable and easy to use. This can be achieved by the use of Odoo website builder that allows you to shorten the lengthy process and tailor the site according to your travel agency’s needs using the fully customizable building blocks available.

The drag and drop system is uncomplicated and allows you to be creative with designs, templates, and backgrounds. Moreover, the website developer enables you to set a theme for your website that automatically adjusts to fit the style you choose.

You can set guidelines for colors, and the tool will suggest and use colors by itself according to your chosen color scheme. This not only makes your site look attractive but also helps build a brand image for your agency.

To appeal to customers, you can even create an advanced catalog showcasing seasonal pricing, promoting vacation destinations, introduce filters, etc.

2. Events

In the travel agency, even the smallest hitch can lead to a significant mishap leading to a bombardment of massive negative reviews that are near impossible to overcome after a point.

To avoid such circumstances, it is crucial to have a clear and well-ordered schedule and maintain separate client bases. The Events module allows you to set appointments and dates with many customers at once but keep different tabs on them to ensure their schedules do not clash and it can also organize your schedule for you, representing it in a systematized easily to view form.

Another way to organize things is to assign tags to your prospects, manage relationships between contacts, and store all customer’s preferences, including pricing, billing conditions, addresses, payment terms, etc.

3. CRM

With CRM, you can get insights and an overview of your business with graphical representation. You can even design custom dashboards and get real-time reports and flow charts to really understand which areas to improve.

The CRM offers a pipeline system that allows you to schedule activities based on your sales scripts: calls, meetings, mailing, and quotations. It gives you all the information including but not limited to surveys, notes, and emails pertinent to a lead you need to close deals at one place, reducing the time taken and boosting productivity.

You can also set monthly targets and see how your performance is holding up in comparison to them. Based on this, you can plan your work based on what you have scheduled in the future. You can also stay connected and enhance team building using real-time messaging that also lets you monitor when workers confirm orders or customers cancel reservations.

4. Sales

To raise revenue, you can even boost your success rate by closing in on deals faster using the quotation software. It allows you to create tasks and projects from sales automatically.

The different templates to choose from allow you to send a very professional quote in minutes without any blunders.

Combining this with eSignature and proper online payment methods, you can efficiently communicate with customers, close deals, and earn revenue faster.

A variety of images, additional images, deals related to the travel destination can be included manually with each quotation. You can even customize it in such a way that customers see any related offers suggested to them automatically, including discounts, promos, and apply closing triggers.

Also, you can use pricelist rules to figure out the correct price to set according to market conditions and earn higher returns.

5.  Accounting

Finally, the best way to go about improving revenues is by maintaining a clear account of the money inflows and outflows of your firm.

With the accounting software, you can manage invoices and get a precise estimate of your bills you have to pay so you can plan ahead.

Online payments become hassle-free if you just import the files and synchronize your bank statements to the tool. You can even compare data and use business intelligence’s cubes to find any cross dimensions your balance sheets.

Odoo accounting’s best feature is the automatic reconciliation of your bank statement with your records, which significantly reduces the time taken to do the process manually.

There are great ways to get creative with the Odoo software when it comes to the travel industry due to the highly customizable features of each application.

With the evolving industry, the tools to run it need to evolve as well. To reach those top goals, a set of tools need to be used rather than One like those offered by Odoo.

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