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Empower your Wholesale or Retail Company with Odoo’s Sales, POS, Logistics, and Accounting

What are Wholesale & Retail Businesses ?

Today’s businesses are booming with wholesale companies making faster and easier trade with retail stores such as restaurants and shops.

As a result, faster transaction and customer service is indispensable for any buyer (retail stores) and sellers (wholesale companies).

In simple terms, wholesaling or distributing is the sale of goods or merchandise to retailers; to industrialcommercialinstitutional, or other professional business users; or to other wholesalers (wholesale businesses) and related subordinated services.

On the other hand, retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit.

What are the key challenges of Retail/Wholesale Markets?

Today’s majority wholesale or retail shops finds difficulty in keeping track of large orders and invoices, real time inventory updates, satisfactory customer service in POS, faster payments methods, store management, restaurants management and updating business’s product inventory in real time.

While retailers are fretting on figuring out as to how they will make customer service at Point of Sale more smoother for faster transaction, Odoo provides a smart solution.

Odoo is an all-in-one business software. It is a platform that companies can use to easily manage the basics of the company such as materials and warehouse management, human resources, finance, sales and many other enterprise features.

How does Odoo’s Sales App allow fast service to customers?

  1. You can sell faster with electronic signatures by allowing customers to easily review and sign your online quotations from anywhere
  2. Communicate quickly and efficiently by getting custom alerts for relevant activities, communicate directly from quotations via email, automatically keep complete records of your negotiations
  3. Maximize profits by up selling as you increase sales volume by automatically proposing extra options and accessories, apply closing triggers, discounts
  4. Sell more with clean quotations by professionally showcasing your products and services as you send clear and complete quotations to your prospects, add product descriptions, beautiful images, and additional information simply by dragging and dropping building blocks.

Odoo’s Pricing Strategy

Odoo Sales App’s pricing strategy helps to design, implement, and adjust your pricing  to maximize revenue.

Pricelist rules allows businesses to compute the right price based on customer conditions.

The app allows businesses to persuade customers to buy more with discounts and coupons. Faster order & contract sorting through automatic operations allows retail shops to focus more on customer relationships and revenue.

You can also convert quotations into sales orders with a single click, or let the customer sign off on it with a simple electronic signature.

Odoo Sales App’s super easy contract management allows you to invoice customers based on time and materials, easily record contracts and track invoicing phases, maintain renewal and upselling opportunities, and manage your subscriptions with Odoo’s recurring contracts.

Also, the customer portal gives your customers access to their quotations, sales orders, and delivery orders.

Odoo’s POS allows easier transaction and compatibility

While Sales management is crucial for retailers to keep record of invoices and transactions, POS, also known as Points of Sale, is an important part of retail stores.

POS systems however, they are designed to be user friendly, with a sole purpose of making life easier and business better.

They allow staff to focus their attention on the customer, as well as the physical preparation and sale of products, cementing the most important values of retail.

Odoo’s POS is compatible with any hardware. Odoo POS will work with most USB Barcode Scanners, connected to the PosBox or directly on your computer.

The PosBox enables Odoo POS to integrate with electronic scales. The product weight is read in real-time from the scale to your point of sale.

Odoo POS can operate any EPSON compatible cash register. Cash registers can be opened manually with a key or remotely by Odoo POS.It can also print on any web-browser compatible printer.

Odoo POS is based on a smart interface that any retail company can use without difficulty.

Because it’s extremely flexible, you can configure Odoo POS to meet your precise needs. Odoo’s Point of Sale stays reliable even if your connection is not.

While an internet connection is required to start the Point of Sale, it will stay operational even after complete disconnection.

How does Odoo’s POS allow greater customer yield?

Using this app, you can easily keep in touch with your customers by making them come back with loyalty programs.

You can rewards your loyal customers with points, gifts and discounts with Odoo loyalty programs. The whole process is fast and can be entirely automated.

Identifying your customers is even faster with loyalty cards and customer barcode ids by registering your customers to keep track of their buying habits.

You can then send them special offers and sale notices with Odoo Mailing. Register tax identifications for your business customers and give them invoices instantly (or send by email).

Odoo POS in restaurants/bars

Odoo’s POS for restaurants and bars is an interface designed for productivity and you can spend less time at the counter, and be there for your customers.

It allows easy split bills, handle multiple customers, kitchen & bar printing, and products sorting.

With the floors & tables manager, Odoo Restaurant lets you quickly overview your restaurant and jump from floor to floor to your table’s orders.

The floor plan will tell you exactly where are your customers, where are the free tables, who is still waiting for food, how much room do you have left.

Odoo’s Accounting Software empowers businesses

Odoo’s Accounting software has all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business.

It allows easy bank synchronization as you can get your bank statements synced with your bank automatically, or import files; It’s easy invoicing method allows you to create sharp and professional invoices, manage recurring billings, and easily track payments; It also allows you to smoothly manage bills & expenses by controlling supplier invoices and getting a clear forecast of your future bills to pay.

Faster reconciliation can save time and using Odoo’s accounting you can automate 95% of reconciliation with the smart reconciliation tool.

The app allows faster payment through electronic invoicing and automated follow-ups.

You can create and send professional invoices and receive payments online, send reminders to your debtors in just a few clicks, automatically create invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material, and simply set-up and automate follow-ups to get paid more quickly.

Using Odoo’s Sales, Accounting and POS software today, you can easily grow your wholesale or retail business and allow real time inventory updates, give satisfactory customer service, and above all, maximize your company’s revenue.

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