July 4, 2019 ERP

Hack Your Way To Valuable Data Collection With Odoo

As a business these days, knowing about your customer is the key to success. You must know what your customers like and dislike in order to be able to successfully sell to them.

Every modern business runs some sort of system or scheme that allows them to gain the information they need about their customers and meanwhile, companies of fame use these techniques in such a way that drives their success and recognition unlike any other.

They are good examples of how important of a role information about the customer is in continuing to drive sales. For this article, we will be referring to Syncoria’s own Odoo Surveys, a plugin for your Odoo ERP.

What is Odoo Surveys?

Odoo Surveys is a powerful multi-tool capable of handling all your data and intelligence gathering needs.

Developed by Syncoria, it is free for unlimited use by all users.

Syncoria is in total understanding of the fact that information gathering operations require the attention of the entrepreneur, who is not always technically experience.

Hence, Odoo Surveys boasts an easy to use user-friendly interface that allows you to create and edit surveys at will and keep at hand easy to analyze and read statistics graphs.

The degree of automation offered by the app means you can utilize the much vaunted time and energy to focus on qualitative and quantitative analysis. The plugin, like others, is fully integrated with other plugins such as Email Marketing, Blogs and Website Builder, making great use of your time.

It boasts a robust ability to let you create an unlimited number of questions to truly give you the chance to know as much as possible, an important edge.

Making changes and editing is made easy as you can do it in real-time which removes the need to wait for changes to take effect.

The results you receive are automatically saved and available whenever you want, as long as you want and they are smoothly synchronized with your databases.

Automation of this aspect means that data is automatically allocated to matching entries and saved.

All in all, Odoo Surveys is more than enough for most businesses in their efforts for valuable data collection owing to its robustness and ease of use.

Intricacies of Designing Good Surveys

Attention spans these days are continually dwindling as people’s jobs and other obligations such as studies require more and more of their time and attention.

The market in this case is at the mercy of the consumer and thus, the players in the market must find ways to get what they want from the consumer keeping in mind their shortened patience.

The average person will not answer a survey that is long with complicated questions and open answers 98% of the time. When designing your

survey, you must sure that people will take their time to answer it and that your questions are relevant, easy digestible to your customers and its results useful.

Along with making sure that your surveys are integrated well with your software you must consider four things when going about the process:


Your customers will see how the page appears at first glance well before even beginning to read your questions.

The go-to routine is to make sure the survey page has an unmistakable identity as being from your company and you can ensure this by making your company logo prominent and using company colors.

Additionally, many companies have been shown to stand out in their diligent use of light colors, large buttons with rounded designs and seamless transitions. Integration with the Website Builder plugin helps a lot in this regard.

As stated earlier, the survey itself has to be short and simple with relevant questions.

Making it short, direct and to the point will give you greatly improved chances of it being finished by your customers with desired results.

To the point questions usually ask them directly whether they like a product or not, whether the delivery process was easy, whether an event venue was decent or not.

Asking questions this way will give you the answers you want directly. In basic terms, think about how to improve customer satisfaction when designing a survey.


Always test your surveys yourself at first. Ensure that the links are functional and whether the images and other multimedia display correctly.

Troubleshooting is the name of the game in this stage and it is an absolute necessity if you want your customers to engage with you. Y

our customers are spread out on a wide spectrum of devices and if your survey does not work won their devices properly, then it would be unacceptable.

Take the time to check whether your survey works on all internet browsers and devices. At last, you can try to fill the survey in yourself to test how long it takes and whether the questions are clear, easy to digest and useful.


After you’re through designing and testing, it would be time to share it.

General surveys designed to collect information about customer satisfaction and such can be simply shared using your database while events will require a post-experience survey give to the participants that attended your event.

An automatic survey system can also be set up using Odoo Surveys which will send your customer a survey automatically each time they buy a product. This method lets you collect data steadily and reliably.


The final pillar in valuable data collection is proper analysis. The data you collect is a stack of useless text and numbers if you do not take the time to analyze and group them.

Certain types of surveys output more easier to analyze data than others, prime example being one-time surveys that readily give you information about your strong and weak points.

Your customers can also help you out greatly in this regard if you leave them boxes for ‘other comments’ and ‘notes’. Automatic e-mail surveys will need your attention more as their results are output on a regular basis and data like that is extremely valuable.

The possibilities are really endless, as with everything Odoo offers you. As an example, you can use miscellaneous items such as discounts, prizes and such to motivate your customers to answer the surveys whose results you really need. You have all the power in your hands.

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