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A Modern Solution to Acquiring Payments Online Using ODOO

The Internet is one of the most useful resources of the modern world. The Internet has become the go-to for almost every problem in the world, solutions are just one click away and to make it easier, mobile apps are being developed every day.

It has become essential to take more substantial strides to keep up with the fast moving world, and that is where the term B2B apps come up.

B2B stands for business to business—meaning, one company working in partnership with another business organization, allowing access to more natural trade.

Amongst the countless significant features of B2B apps, they can keep track records of your company’s money transactions that make them essential

When you start a business, it is very strenuous; the competition, pressure, and the constant apprehension of not being able to make it sometimes lead you to make blunders.

It gets challenging to keep track of how your company is expanding. To make it easier for you, the B2B business apps are software that is being developed continuously and offer numerous features to help your business grow.

To name a few of their offerings, through these applications, you can manage your subscribed customers and invoices, the number of sales orders, as well as the number of checkouts—that too all at once, and always remain a step ahead.

Starting a business of your own comes with the constant number of fallbacks and never-ending troubles, but as they say, there’s a solution to every problem. We just need to find out the right one.

What is the solution?

Business deals with money, and money deals with transactions of cash back and forth. The question is, how to manage these arbitrary transactions of money, while simultaneously being involved in other engagements?

Here’s how modern business applications are playing a vital role in office work and also saving our time:

1.    Billing/Invoicing

Using this feature, one can create their own marketplace and assimilate it with their already existing one and generate automated invoices to deal with payments through the app—receiving the fees, as well as manage the delivery method with ease.

2.    Promotion

The main element for a business to bloom is promotion/advertisement. Through these apps, you’re allowed to promote your business and showcase your work. This feature enables you to gain attention—helping your business to grow as a platform.

3.    Communication with Clients

To manage your business, communication is essential, which essentially skyrockets your sales in the future. The business apps allow your clients to interact with you by setting up appointments, where both parties are notified of the arrangement set up as per their schedule.

Other features to keep you intermingled with your clients can be push notifications and newsletters.

Push notifications allow you to send out notifications to your clients and are the most impactful marketing strategy nowadays. The push notification system can undergo the process of geo-fencing, where business-related notifications are sent out to your client based on their current location.

Newsletters are another vital resource which lets you be involved with your clients by sending out updates, offers, and discounts. To maintain a strong bond with your clients, you can also start loyalty programs by offering discounts and coupons.

4.    CRM

The CRM service can be the standalone reason of why you should invest in a business app. This feature fulfills all requirements stated above—from contacting your clients to delivering your package. Using this feature, you can work with your clients in real time in the most systematic way; for instance, you can view your client’s orders, their locations and receive their feedback on your work process.

5.    The Checkout process

To enable this feature to function correctly and to ensure the conversion of these checkouts turning into transactions, optimized shopping carts can be used.

A quality timed shopping cart with a secure checkout process can help in the rapid development of conversion rate from a low seventy percent to an almost three-hundred percent.

As we’ve explored most of the pros in using a business app software to provide aid in expanding your business, the next big question is, who should you trust?

You should choose Odoo. Why?

Odoo is currently the most installed business software in the world. Through Odoo’s business app, it’s easier to gain access to the mentioned features and use the software at any time of the day.

Odoo has regularly been developing and offers over 30 business applications which are always being updated to be used and fulfill a wide range of business necessities.

They have a team of 1500+ active members, who have also contributed to management and building over 16000+ apps to fulfill more these business requirements. Odoo, with their ‘On-premise’ offer, is being used by over 3,700,000 users—from startup companies to huge enterprises.

How do you reach Odoo? Get in touch with Syncoria!

Syncoria is one of the top digital transformation agencies based in Toronto, Canada.

We partnered up with Odoo to provide small and medium businesses with customized solutions built using over 300 apps from Odoo’s platform —including, CRM, eCommerce, manufacturing, and so on.

We have also been working on software development and integrations over the past 14 years and can help to scale your business through mobile app development in software platforms, such as Android and iOS.

The idea is to expand your business and become successful. Being a part of a generation, where the Internet is more-or-less the only source of communication, it has become essential to work at a faster pace. Odoo is a platform that can readily provide all the necessities to the problem at hand. You can trust them indefinitely as over 3 million people rely on them already.

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