July 3, 2019 ERP

Achieve the Ultimate Growth and see Fast Results with Odoo’s Marketing Automation

In the growing age of technology, the importance of using software to improve workflow and create the best possible scenario for revenue growth cannot be overstated for any business.

Market automation software has many benefits, and when used right can lead to substantial revenue growth.

However, it is not a perfect system – and much of it depends on proper strategic implementation by managers.

With Odoo’s Marketing Automation, the customer experience among multiple online user channels can be streamlined and managed easily, helping businesses find strong leads that can be turned into ideal customers, maximizing revenue.

Odoo’s Marketing Automation software provides the easiest way to segment your prospects database and analyze the ideal times to follow up a certain prospect, and nurture them by setting up advanced workflows which will provide in-depth data on the customer journey.

It also allows integration with other Odoo applications to make your business management smooth and interconnected.

It automates multiple actions such as sending emails at the right time, updating contextual data as needed, and performing custom actions through Python coding.

Growing revenue is not simply to use the pre-programmed features and hope everything works like magic – this simple approach may ensure more leads, but the final success depends on using it expertly with other marketing strategies

Behavioral Targeting

Market segmentation is perhaps the most important step in converting leads, as following the wrong prospects could result in huge losses.

With Odoo’s Marketing Automation, you can segment prospects beyond demographic and firmographic criteria and leverage far more powerful behavioral attributes.

Through digital campaigns, content marketing, and website analytics the volume of leads will steadily grow by using accurate and personalized data. In order to target your message to the ideal customer, you must have customer data – which ought to be used to offer personalized, contextual and compelling content, pursuant to a content marketing strategy based on persona.

With Odoo software, these contacts will be automatically enrolled in the campaign as soon as they meet the criteria. The combination of these attributes and data enables the targeting of the most relevant and qualified leads for sustainable revenue growth which is easily accessible through the software.

Lead Nurturing and Campaign Management

Odoo software makes nurture campaigns extremely easy to monitor and take appropriate actions and make necessary changes.

On top of the behavioral segmentation to get it going, advanced statistics are provided to show how the campaign is performing, with KPIs such as open rate, bounce rate, clicks, and deliverability.

Workflows can be created with customized visual interfaces to help set your leads on the right path based on their actions.

It takes on data from all and any lead campaigns available to provide more qualified leads to sales management.

You can test your campaign before activation, as well as follow through with tracking visitors to the website, then gain more data for lead generation.

The quality of these leads may be brought into question, as many of them are probably not sales-ready yet.

By nurturing these unready leads using a combination of behavioral attributes, successive messaging and relevant content, a significant portion can be converted to sales-ready leads that can enter the pipe.

Odoo’s software interface simplifies the process as much as possible, providing all the necessary data at a click and ensuring smooth work to convert leads that will return the most revenue.

This conversion of the unqualified prospect pool will greatly increase the revenue growth for the company.

Real-Time Activities and Sales Management

The beauty of marketing automation is that the real-time efficiency of every action.

Odoo can detect real-time behaviors and applies a highly specific campaign that capitalizes on those behaviors, increasing efficiency and converting the highest amount of leads in the least possible amount of time.

These real-time activities and alerts, integrated with CRM let sales managers prioritize prospects and act accordingly for the highest conversion rate.

The in-depth data collected also allows for better customer support, greatly increasing the efficiency of sales calls as more personalized and relevant data can be used instantly.

It reduces sales cycles and provides more qualified leads, which results in higher chances for revenue growth and satisfaction for sales teams.

All this is accessible by the sales teams instantly and in an organized manner – helping them make swift and accurate decisions using the provided data, also boosting workplace morale.

Increase in Process and Operational Efficiencies

So far, everything discussed has referred mostly to top line revenue growth.

There are many advantages in using Odoo for bottom line revenue growth as well.

Odoo’s Marketing Automation digitalizes and automates a large number of activities, that would have taken a significant amount of time and tedious effort to do manually.

This would surely reduce efficiency and affect employees’ energy. Using the software saves time, makes the process and operations of marketing automated and easy, decreasing overall costs and time and thus increasing profitability.

Employee work efficiency is also increased, as they have more time and less pressure, they can focus on more activities to aid in overall revenue growth or work precisely in other activities, increasing the accuracy and maximizing the chances for revenue growth.

The automation lets the employees give more effort in analyzing the huge amounts of data gathered and make sure there are no mistakes.

More often than not, the marketing and sales teams have difficulty aligning.

This is one of the most important factors in ensuring proper revenue growth, as seamless operation and coordination are needed between all departments involved.

With Odoo automated software, this process is made much easier, and the automation and time saved make it easier to coordinate between sales and marketing to ensure maximum and efficiency and revenue growth.

Aligning marketing and sales can result in up to 20% annual revenue growth.

While marketing automation aids in generating qualified leads, it does not guarantee revenue growth.

It has to be used in a strategic manner with other marketing techniques to increase the chances of getting maximum ROI from the leads.

Odoo’s Marketing Automation aims to make this process as seamless as possible, to ensure efficiency throughout the workplace and reduce unnecessary costs.






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