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Enhanced POS by Synchronizing Moneris with Odoo

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 6 mins

Sales revenue in e-commerce are rising consistently for the past few years and its effects can be seen in society. Businesses are scrambling to get their business online as a huge number of business elements can be managed under the same software or with simpler integrations of third-party software.

enhanced pos

Having an enhanced POS by synchronizing Moneris with Odoo is not a difficult feat anymore, neither should any service let you stop from achieving the fusion of these two. Odoo ERP offers CRM, HR, Inventory, Payroll, and tens of other business-centric, in-house modules to ensure that you don’t have to have multiple vendors burdening your business with financial and customer support related stress. Having Odoo at the backend, and Moneris synchronized with your POS is just a situation where processes move at a brisker pace than ever before.

Enhanced POS

Anybody who ever sold anything, has practical knowledge of how the payment is the psychologically most painful stage of the shopping activity for consumers. Brick and Mortar businesses all over the world, spend a huge chunk of their finances just to make sure that customers feel the friendliest, most comforting, easiest, and enabling environment at payment counters. The same strategy must be applied in e-Commerce businesses.

E-commerce stores work hard to source products at great pricing, and quality, put nice, high-res pictures on the product page of their business website, and get a top-quality product description, but when the customer is finally ready to make the payment, the checkout page that appears is lazy, slow loading, and blistering with information-overload. This is a recipe for disaster for any e-commerce business.

There is no difference between a regular store or an online one when it comes to this concern: the customer’s first impression matters a lot! A good user experience (UX) makes your business look like a savior, gives your business a powerful and appealing image, and allows you to make the sale! To achieve this, businesses must pay attention to two key areas:

  • Checkout Process
  • Products Presentation

A blissfully fast, efficient, and effective POS can be the reason a business accumulates loyal customers. Moneris is one such service that brings a wave of calm and ease to the store environment. Moneris is the biggest technology-oriented financial company in Canada. It offers payment processing services for over 3 billion transactions a year. The services currently support all major card brands in Canada, which include Mastercard, Union Pay, American Express, and Visa to name a few. In recent years, Moneris has leaped partnerships by offering support for Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Moneris is also a provider for IKEA, and McDonald’s Canada. Therefore, having Moneris partnered with your business POS means a majority chunk of customers can make purchases on your physical or virtual store without worrying about the supported card.

enhanced pos

The integration of Odoo ERP and Moneris Payment Gateway happens via an efficient API to make sure your POS is now completely synchronized with Moneris. An enhanced POS by Synchronizing Moneris with Odoo guarantees a huge range of cards that will without any issue, be acceptable at your POS. Such peace of mind will let you focus on your business growth rather than hindering it.

When Odoo is integrated with Moneris via API, the customer is assured that his transaction is secured by Moneris’s top-level security. The synchronization also ensures that the customer has the option to save or delete his payment method details from Odoo or Moneris as a precaution.

On the business side of the things for this integration, the business is assured of error-free accounting, and be ready for any card that the customers put out for payment. It is a huge relief for any business that its customers don’t have to bring a specific card for payment at its POS Moneris synchronization with Odoo’s quick response to that requirement.

customer makes purchase
The customer makes a purchase.

When the customer makes the purchase and chooses to save the payment information (name, card number, expiry date), It becomes a primary responsibility of the business to store this information with the highest secrecy possible.

An enhanced POS by Synchronizing Moneris with Odoo accomplishes this task quite effectively. Not only that the customer has the option to store the payment information, but the business employing Odoo ERP also has the option to save this information on the ERP system. Similarly, for data protection, the card information is stored in an encrypted format, so not only the customer is satisfied, but the business also implementing the fusion, is data breach-proof.

An Enhanced POS by Synchronizing Moneris with Odoo is just a complete solution for any e-commerce store. The business does not have to worry about critical information encryption, manual accounting, data handling, resolving lengthy refund/payment consolidations, and being able to generate state-of-the-art reports for practical, actionable business insights via Odoo ERP.

Enhanced POS by Synchronizing Moneris with Odoo has huge benefits for any e-commerce store struggling with bounced customers at the checkout page. Via this fusion, all your customers are already aware that you are the number one online store of choice, and your customer service is always top-notch.

Your online shoppers will also know that your online experience is exceptional because of the technological infusion in place which is above and beyond your competition. The positive online customer experiences that you’ll receive, will have a lasting effect on your recurring and new customers.

Although there are other barebone implementations, and optimizations that can be done to enhance user experience, speedy check-out, reports generation, refunds, and account management, there are not many solutions in a central place. Implementing POS enhancement via Moneris synchronization with Odoo may completely transform how you handle customers in your e-commerce store. The process is efficient, straightforward, and holds significance in the modern data handling, and storage paradigm.

To cater to the customers who are security conscious, believe in simpler yet elegant mechanisms can immediately fall in love with this fusion. Similarly, customers who refuse to wait will love how Moneris immediately handles their intended sale, and people who love to have ease and security go hand in hand will stick to your e-commerce store with Odoo and Moneris synchronization.

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