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Data Trends in Healthcare Industries

Over the years, data communication system has evolved rapidly. Additionally it has shaped all aspects within our community and livelihood. One of the major aspects which data trends has shaped rapidly is the Healthcare Industry. These processes are gaining more and more popularity day by day. Now the 3rd world countries are not lagging a mile behind the developed ones. Sharing information is actually saving lives around the world. Now people don’t have to travel miles to visit a good physician or to access advance machine. Tests have become available everywhere and video conferencing is gaining popularity too. This is not only helping the patients, but also ambitious young doctors to learn more and prepare for their cases. Most importantly these trends are saving lives like never before. Here are a few that are seen in today’s health industry that are promising in terms of their results:

Patient centric care

Not a long time ago, patients were generally categorized and were treated according to their issues. But this era has totally changed the idea of treatment. Now, patients are treated on basis of their individual need and requirements. And again these logs of their treatment are recorded and shared so even doctors who were not in immediate observation can use the findings of these treatments and apply those procedures saving a huge amount of time, money and resource and also reducing the risk. These are bringing transparency in the cost of treatment enlarging the patient’s satisfaction.

Patient centric care

Health-care IOT

Another big change in the health care sector is the introduction of many smart devices. These devices are consistently able to monitor patient’s nutrition, caloric management, blood pressure etc. Without a major lab test. These can also communicate with each other and give live updates and also store data for using later.

Fraud Detection and Reduction

Often there are some individuals who claim new ways of treatment and convince general people to cooperate. Then they test risky procedures at their own will and often take advantage. Sometimes there is lack of adequate skill set or knowledge that costs a huge wastage of money and resources. Now these fraud and wastage can easily be identified and necessary action against can be taken in no time. In this new era no one can claim an alien solution as each and every result are stored and can be reached and verified at any time.

Real-time monitoring

Sometimes there are very sensitive cases where each and every second of observation counts. It was extremely difficult to monitor these kind of fragile cases, even when the doctors have other patients to care for as well. Now a wonderful solution of real time monitoring is present. Machines automatically read heartbeat, pressure and other lifelines and can notify whenever something unusual happens. This saves a lot of time and effort reducing the risk.

Improved Outcome

As mentioned before, today’s advance data trends and machines can store a lot of data. But where are they being used? This data helps doctors to predict a particular patient’s condition based on old research and treatment and can prepare what might happen next. This gives a very big opportunity of identifying problems and prepare for emergency beforehand. On top of that, advanced machine learning methods also vastly improve the outcome of any treatment and findings of new cures.

Cloud based Treatment

A major change in the health industry is the change in communication. Technologies such as Skype video calls enable us to see and talk to patients or doctors no matter how far they live. Inclusion of this technology in health care plays a major role. Some patients suffer from rare diseases for which, treatment is unavailable in isolated areas. Thanks to the modern trends, the patient doesn’t need to travel rather can only see the doctor over internet and get help. This has reduced the communication gap and even doctors all over the world can discuss and pass their knowledge to the young and aspiring physicians.

Availability of Device and Medicine

Along with the availability of the appointment of a doctor from a far, medicine are also available almost everywhere. Transportation system has vastly improved and increased their efficiency. Again, local medicine sellers are getting concerned and have started storing products which need to be in stock. And if one product is really rare to come by, local companies are producing an alternative which gives almost identical result.

Health Tips

Feedback by renowned doctors and their opinions can be found all over the web now a days. These helps people to follow a necessary guideline to stay safe and healthy. These may also instruct what to do In case of emergency. Most common aspect of this online share is health care apps. This kind of apps are related to our health and fitness, tells us what and how much to eat and how to exercise to reach a particular target. There are also websites like Travel vaccine Clinic, which helps patients to book an appointment online whenever they feel the urgency without many hassle. If you search the app stores online, you will see a lot of such trends available everywhere.

3D Modeling and Augmented Reality

Now a days, it is possible to model a patient’s whole body and share the insights inside a secured server so that any doctor or physician can access it if needed. This also helps doctors who are treating a patient from distance to peer into the organs and see the problems in detail. It also helps the patients to understand what kind of medical procedures they are about to go through. Syncoria has already done 3D lung modeling for such needs and it helped both the doctors and patients alike.

Overall, the tremendous impact of technology and data in health-care is vastly interactive. These trends are helping us to shape our lives for the better. They are achieving heights and accomplishments which were never heard before. Now, world around us has become so open that this is only up to us how we can treat ourselves, the rest and answer of “how to” can be found easily, even in our immediate surroundings. Above all, trends which means to save lives are the precious one we gladly embrace and we can also hope that these trends gets better for a better future

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