June 17, 2019 CRM

How Odoo Live Chat Improves the Value of Your Business

When you are just starting on your new business, it is crucial that you add value to it as much as possible.

Earning people’s trust is probably the hardest thing to achieve for new businesses and a key aspect of success as well.

Odoo is a specialized integration tool targeted towards businesses that want to stand tall among the competitors.

Odoo offers top of the line business solution like Sales, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Inventory, Manufacturing, and so on.

The topic of today’s discussion is how you can add value to your business.

Whether you are a start-up owner or a medium business owner, it is important to gain credibility as a reliable company. A great way to improve the value of your business is integrating Odoo Live Chat into your business system.

Let us look at the reasons why you should integrate a live chat option into your business and how it can help you add more value to your business.


The biggest challenge a small or medium business has to encounter is managing the resources efficiently. The problem might be time or money. Whatever the case is, a live chat option can make your life easier in ways you didn’t think about before.

Live chat is cheaper than conventional customer service operations like telephones and e-mails. Once you integrate the system, it is basically free.

While you have to opt for several telephone operators to maintain your customer service department, a well-trained live chat agent can serve up to 5-6 customers at once. You don’t have to pay the telephone bills as an added cost to your business.


The most critical aspect of customer service is the convenience of the customers. While waiting for an agent to address a call or waiting indefinitely for an e-mail reply is irritating for a customer, live chat is the quickest way to solve any query.

Your website might have significant traffic thanks to your investment in proper development and SEO. However, funneling that traffic through a sales funnel is the challenge.

If you offer the potential customers a feature that helps to pace up the purchase decision, it’s a good sign for your business.

If the visitors find a real person to answer their queries, it will help them believe in your business and put you above your competitors.

It’s Relevant

Internet is considered the most important invention for the humankind. The Internet has changed our lives in ways we can’t even imagine.

One day without the Internet and the world will come to a stop. In this modern era, people are moving away from the telephone, and they are not to blame.

Talking on telephones is an inconvenience for modern people. No one wants to wait for an e-mail or waiting in line for a call. Live chat is the perfect solution to this problem. Live chat allows the users to get their questions answered within moments.

As the modern generation is always on their phone texting someone or other, live chat allows them to stay in their comfort zone and acquire the service they need. As digital communication is the present and the future, having an excellent live chat feature on your website is crucial.

No Language Barrier

A massive problem for businesses that operate on a global level is the language issue. If you are one of those business owners, a live chat system in your business is mandatory.

Approximately, there are 6,500 languages around the world. The number is so significant that no business can operate on that level of customer service. Even if we dial the number down to 10 languages, that is still a considerable number to maintain.

If you operate your business in more than one country, you would also need to run more than one customer care establishments. As a result, you have to spend a large amount of money every month to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, live chat can solve this problem with the blink of an eye. As we already mentioned, we live in an era of technology; chat translation is now possible in real time.

You can assign a few live chat agents in any location as per your convenience, and they will be able to serve your customer base all around the world.

Easy Exchange

Whether you provide a product or a service, it is often required that you collect some documentation from the customer end. It might be a refund claim or an error in the order.

The conventional way of exchanging documents is to send e-mails with lots of attachments. More popular businesses might still be using physical courier systems to sort these types of disputes.

Live chat is a great way to solve this bottleneck as well. You can ask for necessary documents over the, and the customer can send it instantly. The documents will also be stored the server, so there is no possibility of the document being misused.

Odoo Live Chat

To incorporate all these great features of having a live chat and to benefit from them, you need an excellent vendor to implement the system.

How to choose? It’s simple. Just consult with Odoo. Odoo is specialized in digital business transformation. An important thing to look for in a vendor while choosing live chat features is the integration. Implementing standalone systems for each department is expensive.

Odoo understands and cares for your business as much as you do. With 3 million users worldwide, Odoo has been a place for a business owner’s trust. From selecting your audience to creating your reply templates, everything is possible with Odoo live chat.


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