March 20, 2019 Blog

Did You Know Odoo can Help You Build an App from Scratch?

You don’t need a developer’s knowledge to create, customize, and publish an app for a website platform. Thanks to Odoo Studio, you now have the fastest way to create a website application.

Odoo Studio allows a user the chance to create, arrange, and modify menus, actions, views, models, and fields.

For example, let’s say you’re a healthcare organization in need of an application to help manage the day-to-day operations of a walk-in clinic.

Someone with Odoo Studio can create an app that allows patient arrival times to be entered, patient information to be recorded, doctors to be assigned, and appointments to be scheduled for the appropriate exams.

Build an app from scratch

full control of the app

For more or less any business, an app through Odoo Studio can facilitate easier asset management and help to document more data. It’s as simple as drag-and-drop, in designing the way your app looks and functions. Customize titles, fields, and everything you need to represent your management objectives.

Structuring your application

Odoo build app

Once you’ve decided on the purpose for an app and what you would like to see it do, you have the opportunity to customize its layout. Add in elements, create new fields, adjust text, choose fonts and colors, add columns, add images, and more. When it comes to how content is viewed, you can also choose how things are displayed. For example, there’s list view, form view, search filters, segmented Kanban view, graphic or visual aggregation of data, and a pivot table view. These are just some of the basics to get you started towards building your website application.

More features

Studio features

Going beyond the basics of design, there are numerous additional features such as button boxes for app stats, add a chatter, use the sidebar, and more.

If you have some developer knowledge, you can go in and add in more parameters or use the XML editor to make the necessary changes to your web application.

Although you don’t need to have technical knowledge or the ability to code, for the lucky ones who do, you’re able to use Odoo to do just that. Using software like Odoo Studio in this capacity helps greatly at simplifying work environments and creating a hub around which management data can be accumulated.

You’re in charge!

build your own app

With Odoo Studio, you don’t need a developer – you’re the developer! Create full-featured applications in minutes, instead of waiting weeks for someone else to do it.

Design report templates to be used to help present app data. Through the inclusion of elements such as an email gateway, you can automate your business workflow and increase productivity.

As all applications created and published through Odoo Studio are mobile responsive, that means they’re also easily viewable on any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.

There’s a reason why millions of users have used Odoo to help grow their businesses. If you feel like you need an app but you don’t want to pay someone else to do it or if you feel like you want that control to be able to see and customize it yourself,

Odoo Studio is the best investment you can make. Build your own app with a software that’s simple and user-friendly to the nines, and jump on board with Odoo!

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