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5 Things to look for in an Odoo Partner

Looking to use technology to enhance your business’ competitive advantage?

Irrespective of size and value, businesses, in the fast and growing global marketplace, seek to externalize their technological requirements in order to create more paths and avenues to maximizing their profit.

While software outsourcing is definitely cost effective and comes with its own set of perks, it is ill advised to only consider its advantages. That being said, over 3 million people use Odoo all over the world and have entrusted Odoo to handle their business system. However, businesses often end up opting for an Odoo partner with a limited set of services with little to no knowledge about its customer’s business or product and goals.

Choosing the right software for your business, with your specific needs can, more often than not, prove to be quite challenging.

In order to find the best Odoo partner for your business, first understand the needs of your business thoroughly. In order to choose the best partner suited for you, you must first recognize what exactly you are looking for.

Evaluate and identify your business needs and analyze your problems to opt for a solution. Based on the evaluation, analysis, the nature of your business and its requirements, choose an Odoo Partner.

Here are five things to look for in an Odoo partner for your business:

Technical Expertise

Before you sign a contract with an Odoo partner, take into account the specific skill sets that they offer (and whether or not it can cater to the needs of your business); the range of expertise of their employees (you should, of course, opt for the partner that provides the most skilled and experienced employees); alongside their conversance with new technologies, portfolio, and their experience in handling complex projects.

You should look for their effectiveness of communication and their approach towards challenges and try to perceive their adherence to deadlines, to make sure that no pitfalls occur at a later stage.

An Odoo partner that will provide the right person to manage your account should be the partner you look for. It’s always helpful and beneficial for your business to talk with a developer who will work on your project and opt for a team that will follow latest or hybrid development models. Never settle for a partner that does not have the access to latest technologies.

Customer Centricity

There are certain unspoken elements in a business that are not limited to a contract. Human behavior is an important part to consider in a technology transaction.  Even if an Odoo partner is tempting to opt for because of their advanced technological services, innovative solutions and great expertise, their customer service and dedication should not be overlooked.

If the Odoo partner you choose is not customer oriented, your business will be impacted and result in release delays or even in a failure to deliver. Great technical assets cannot cover up negligence in delivery of a task and customer disappointment. Certain vendors in the business seek to make quick profit and only have short term business goals; such vendors tend to not be customer centric and an association with these kinds of Odoo partners may prove to be extremely problematic, or even fatal for your business.

Only settle for an Odoo partner dedicated to its customers.

Market Reputation

Nobody wants to work with a group of people that are unprofessional and impolite in nature. Before you choose an Odoo partner and sign a contract, check how scalable their solutions are and check their level of flexibility in facing complex challenges.

Before you make an agreement, check your Odoo partner’s market reputation. Look into their client base and (delivered) project history. You can also choose to search for any failure or delay in delivering of projects (if any) to base your decision on substantial data.

Go through client testimonials and reviews on social media platforms and on their website. If you want to play extra safe, you can choose to connect with a client on social media and ask for honest opinions on the vendor’s proficiency.

Needles to say, always opt for an Odoo partner with the best market reputation, ratings, and reviews.

Financial Stabilility

Before sealing any deals, it is advisable to deeply consider an Odoo partner’s financial stability. Clients should look into ownership structures, partners, acquisition plans, etc. Why should you look into it, you ask? Consider a scenario where you sign a contract with an Odoo partner and half-way through your project, your Odoo partner goes bankrupt.

The consequences of such a scenario will inevitably constitute of a huge impact on your project and business. In case of such an event, even after overcoming the initial adversaries, the cost to switch to a different partner with the same product or project will be very high.

A financially stable Odoo partner translates to a partner that can survive for many years in the market, and constitutes of long term business goals instead of simple, short, monetary ones. And therefore, a financially stable Odoo partner is what you should seek out.

While choosing a partner, consider its investors and how long they have been in the market to come to a good, beneficial conclusion.

Information Security

A common concern for most business owners is the leakage of private, sensitive data and security of intellectual data in the hands of an outsourcing Odoo partner. Before selecting a partner, make sure you have read through their privacy policy in order to confirm that it suits your needs. Choose to opt for a vendor willing to agree to your privacy and intellectual property rights.

It is crucial for you and your business to choose and Odoo partner that conducts regular security checks and network audits within the workplace to prevent any and all mis-utilization of sensitive business information and to ensure complete protection of client data.

It is also crucial that you look into the tools, technologies, and privacy setups that the Odoo partner employs to protect its database.

Only select the Odoo partner after you have understood completely their privacy policies and privacy employment methods; only agree to a contract if their policies and methods resonate with yours and satisfy your concerns.

Confused as to which partner to choose? Let us cue you in. Syncoria is a digital transformation solution provider based in Canada, and an Odoo ready partner. Feel free to schedule a consultation session with us anytime you want, and make sure to visit to check out our other services that you might find useful for your business.

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