November 27, 2018 Blog

3 things you can do to supercharge your business process today

Every business has some set of knowledge that sets it apart from its competition. With the right tools and the right attitude, the business process is something that every business can streamline to get results within weeks instead of years. Here are three things that you can do right now to get things going:

Communication Integration

We are always communicating with our business partners through different channels for different things. You send an email in response to a phone call which was done in response to an instant message. A lot of that communication is essentially a rehash of some previous communication or a templated response. If you can integrate all that and automate it, your life would be so much easier. Also,  you would not need to follow-up on yourself and jam your head with a big todo list. ODOO can help you do that with a one-stop integrated app and automated actions. Also, with touch and go email templates, time spent switching from emailer to spreadsheet goes down to zero.

Communication Integration

Human Process automation<

Human Process automation

How would your business run if you had a hundred copies of yourself doing everything in your business? Get step by step instructions made that users can seamlessly follow through with a tap, a button or even a pedal. For commonsense FAQs, you can do the same for your employees so that you can work in peace.

AI Accounting

For most businesses, accounting is a matter of following pre-defined rules and generating pre-defined reports. A true accounting system cannot fully work if the work of the business is not done within it. ODOO’s complete work integration accounts for everything when it is done. That way everyone is accounting for the bit that they are doing and the system is auto-organized.

AI Accounting

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